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    South Campus hosting social networking happy hour 

    A Social Networking Happy Hour will be held Feb. 17 from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Kaleidoscope Room (101), located in the ILC at the South Campus.

    Come and get tips on navigating the professional social scene.

    Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served. Professional dress is encouraged.

    Space is limited, so RSVP by email to brittany.bonds@sjcd.edu.

    The event is sponsored by the Career and Employment Center, Orientation and Campus Tours, and the Office of Student Engagement & Activities.

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    Inside Look Into San Jacinto College Firefighter Training 

    Students in our Firefighter Training Academy demonstrate how they’ve been trained to search for victims in a residential fire.

    This is the first of many in our new “How To”  video series.  Be on the lookout for more!  Enjoy and feel free to share.

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    Social Media Sessions for Professional Development 

    Social Media Panel Discussion 

    November 11, 2014 from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

    Central Campus Kaleidoscope Room

    Registration through SPARK will be available soon.  The panel discussion will include San Jac faculty Oommen George, Kina Lara, and Clare Zabrowski, Social Media Strategist with CLR Virtual Connection Rebecca Thompson, and University of Houston faculty Dr. Erica Ciszek. (More …)

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    Schools App News and Updates 

    Use Schools App to connect with and help students.  Join Schools App now!

    Here’s a staff testimonial:  “In my opinion, I think that the Schools App is a great tool for C&E!  Any time we can directly contact a student on a more personal level, I think it benefits our office.  I think for students, being able to ask questions and receive an answer not from a generalized source (like on our Career and Employment FB page) but from one of us personally, makes the student(s) feel like they have a closer and more comfortable relationship to our office. I think the more we can interact with students daily, the more we can reach them and encourage them to come to our office or approach us if they have questions/concerns/etc.”  – Brittany Bonds, San Jacinto College Career and Employment Center (More …)

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    Congratulations San Jacinto College Class of 2014 

    “This graduating class is the face of what Houston looks like.  And even more importantly, you’re the face of the future of Houston,” said H-E-B Houston President, Scott McClelland.

    You can view photos from May commencement on the San Jacinto College Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/1luqa8t.
    You can also watch highlights from commencement on You Tube.  http://youtu.be/lSxzDjN_Q1M  To see all social media posts graduates shared using #SJCGrad14, go to tagboard.com/SJCGrad14.  If you have issues with the link, consider using Google Chrome or Firefox.

    Thank you!


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    Social Media Tip 

    If you don’t have much time to check your personal social media accounts during the day, spend about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at the end of the day checking your notifications, messages and news feed.
    For example, find out who you can connect with on LinkedIn.  Check LinkedIn groups.  If you can participate in a discussion, do it.  Answer questions.  Ask questions.  Browse through your news in LinkedIn.  Share San Jac news in LinkedIn.  Is there a big event going on at the College?  Share it! Do we have a new program?  Share it!  Was your colleague recognized for an award?  Share it!
    You can do all or some of this in just 15 minutes.

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    Soon-to-be May Graduate Shares Her Success Story 

    Karrah Shremshock

    Graduation Tweet

    A student tagged San Jacinto College in a tweet (seen above) about applying for May commencement.  We reached out to Karrah Shremshock and asked her to write a piece about her experience. 

    Read Karrah’s story on the path to becoming San Jac Certified on our Tumblr.  http://sanjacintocollege.tumblr.com/post/81613545412/a-bigger-and-brighter-future 

    If you are having trouble viewing the post, you can read it below.

    A Bigger and Brighter Future

    For me, this isn’t just a graduation. This isn’t my beginning, nor is it my end. My name is Karrah Shremshock, and I am a 25-year-old (soon-to-be) graduate of San Jacinto College. To understand how much this means to me, you might need some background information. I will be the first in my family to graduate college, although my brother has successfully completed a technical program. I graduated high school in 2007 with a sad GPA of 2.2. I thought it was standard knowledge that after high school one attended college the following semester. Sadly, my circumstances were much different than that of my friends. My parents, as badly as they wanted to, couldn’t afford what education they believe I deserved. So I continued to work. I had a job the month I turned 16 and worked nonstop through high school (along with being a member of FFA) up until my first trial of college. I went to Houston Community College for four semesters. If I wasn’t dropping classes because I was failing, I was skipping classes and accepting a failing grade. 


    At the age of 21, I gave up. I had a 1.8 GPA and knew then that I just wasn’t ready for college. In order to pay for it, I had to work 40+ hours a week waiting tables (waitressing was the only job that gave me the flexibility of being able to go to school during the day and work at night). I had no time to study or write papers. My job became my life. I met the man I would call my husband, and we got married at 22 and moved near his dad in Clear Lake. My husband went to college on a baseball scholarship (but never graduated due to eligibility and injury reasons).  His mom graduated from Florida State; his dad graduated from Georgia Tech; and his stepmom from LSU. His family knew the importance of a quality education and how it could change your life.


    That is when his family changed my life. We had been married for a year and were both constantly working. We were living a decent lifestyle, but neither of us had a REAL education. I talked about wanting to go back to school and getting a degree, but in order to do it, I would have to work one semester to save up the money, meaning I could only go to school for half the year. This in when his dad and stepmom chimed in. They decided to do something for me that I never would have dreamed of; they wanted to pay my way through college. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to say no, but I had no good reason to. They insisted, and as engineers, they were quite persuasive. I told them I could never pay them back. All they asked in return was that I do that best I could. And that I did.


    Here I am now, 25 years old and about to graduate with an AA in Behavioral and Social Sciences. My GPA is an amazing 3.8.  I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I am here today to say that just because you gave it “the old college try” and it wasn’t for you, doesn’t mean it won’t ever be! It took me almost five years in the real world to realize that an education was my best chance. It took me five years to find who I really was, and become a better student than I ever thought I could be. The 18 year old me wasn’t ready for college. The 25 year old me has been nonstop focused. What I am saying is college will always be there. Whether you are ready right out of high school, or don’t go back until your kids are in college, it will be there. Don’t force yourself to do something you are not ready for. When you are ready, it will be the most profound and rewarding experience of your life.


    I am ready now. I look forward to the next four years of my life at UHCL. I can’t thank San Jac enough for being the right college for me, the teachers, the campus, the atmosphere. It all started right here. Congratulations to all my fellow graduates! Whether you decide to continue on, or end your education here, YOU did it! And that’s something to be proud of.


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    Sign up now for Social Media 101! 

    To:  All faculty, staff and administrators:

    Are you interested in using social media?  Not sure where to start?  Join social media coordinator Scylla Lopez to discuss your social media options.  Learn how to create a social media site and best practices.
    Online registration is available through the Spark portal.

    Central Campus Schedule and Locations:

    ID 164602
    Social Media 101
    ILT MRKT 1001
    2/25/14 10:00 AM
    2/25/14 11:00 AM

    ID 164603
    Social Media 101
    ILT MRKT 1001
    2/25/14 3:00 PM
    2/25/14 4:00 PM


    North Campus Schedule and Locations:

    ID 165602
    Social Media 101
    ILT MRKT 1001
    2/26/14 10:00 AM
    2/26/14 11:00 AM

    ID 166603
    Social Media 101
    ILT MRKT 1001
    2/26/14 3:00 PM
    2/26/14 4:00 PM


    South Campus Schedule and Locations:

    ID 167602
    Social Media 101
    ILT MRKT 1001
    2/27/14 10:00 AM
    2/27/14 11:00 AM

    ID 166602
    Social Media 101
    ILT MRKT 1001
    2/27/14 3:00 PM
    2/27/14 4:00 PM


    Click the links below to find out how to navigate the spark learning portal and log in instructions.  For assistance with login usernames, passwords and course registration, please contact the Spark Technical Support Office at extension 6399 or (281) 998-6399.
    Please contact Scylla Lopez for questions regarding the sessions at (281) 991-2602 or scylla.lopez@sjcd.edu.

    Thank you!





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    Social Media 101 Sessions 

    Social Media 101

    • Melinda Benham 8:19 am on February 11, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I would like to attend your Social Media 101 session on February 25, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

      • Scylla.Lopez 10:21 am on February 11, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Great! I will see you there!

    • jimmy tabares 10:01 am on February 11, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I would like more info.

      • Scylla.Lopez 10:23 am on February 11, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        I will be going over some social media options for employees. I will talk about the different platforms and how you can use them. It will be more of an open discussion. Whatever you would like to know about using social media, I will discuss.

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    Schedule a Social Media Live Chat 

    Our live chats are a great opportunity for you to promote an event, program or service at the College to students.  We conduct live chats twice a month.  It lasts an hour.  Scylla Lopez can either come to you or you can come to District for the live chat.
    If you have any questions or would like to schedule a live chat, contact Scylla Lopez at scylla.lopez@sjcd.edu or 281.991.2602.

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