Recycling Programs at San Jac

Ever wonder what actions San Jacinto College takes to address our recycling needs?

Participating in single stream recycling, the College utilizes blue recycle containers to collect materials throughout the College district. These containers are lined with green bags for easier recognition. Containers for paper, bottles, and cans are available for your use. Please use them for recyclables only. Contents contaminated by non-recyclable material negatively impact our efforts. You will notice in the upcoming weeks than new containers are being distributed to common areas. Please utilize them and ensure you do your part to minimize the impact to our environment.

These recycled materials are gathered by select members of our custodial contractor group, who in turn place them in recycled compactors located at each of the main campus locations. Once these compactors are full, they are collected by our recycling company for processing. We partner with Republic Services recycling aluminum cans, metals, paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic bottles. Doing so reduces the impact on our area landfills and provides a resource for new products that we use every day.

The College also participates in other avenues of recycling. College shredding drives have a positive impact on our efforts at improving environmental responsibility. We have noticed a decrease in recent years which we attribute to an increased use of electronic records. Other groups aid in our recycle effort as well. The welding departments recycle scrap metals. The College’s inventory and procurement management and technical support groups recycle computer and electrical equipment. Additionally, our auxiliary services group has put un-needed College assets to work again through their auction efforts.

Students, faculty, staff, and our contracted partners are making a real difference in improving environmental responsibility. San Jacinto College’s focus is not only on the future of our students, but the future of our environment as well.