Diesel Technology Fire Training with the Cloverleaf Fire Department

The Cloverleaf Fire Department held a fire extinguisher training and demonstration for diesel technology students at the North Campus Tuesday, Nov. 5, both for Credit/Aggreko students as well as duel credit and early college students.

During the event the “PASS” (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep) process to fight fires was demonstrated. Diesel Fuel makes an impressive fire since it burns at 4,000°F; the fire department was able to replicate a realistic fire in the diesel shop setting. The Cloverleaf FD made apparatus that limits the spread of a fire, allows the fire to be put out and can allow the fire to be safely restarted to put out again.

Fire Chief Edward Russell of the Cloverleaf Fire Department led the instruction phase and worked with the students while they used the PASS process to put out the flames from the Diesel Fuel. This makes the fifth year for diesel technology at the North Campus working with Cloverleaf Fire Department. Students really enjoy the event, and learn life saving techniques in terms of fire-fighting like the pros.