Crime Prevention Survey

On behalf of San Jacinto College Police Department: a Crime Prevention Survey Request to better serve our college community.

In October 2019, Sergeant Scott Klamert attended a Basic Crime Prevention Certification Seminar in Louisville, Kentucky. Sgt. Klamert became knowledgeable in the history and prevention of crime and is a certified Crime Prevention Practitioner.

Sgt. Klamert believes spreading awareness throughout San Jacinto College may improve our facilities from risk. The San Jacinto Police Department encourages participation in completing a security survey; in fact, hindering crime is successful with collaboration and cooperation from the public. To emphasize the importance of partaking in the security survey Sgt. Klamert quotes: “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”; therefore, an on-sight evaluation of weaknesses of protective measures can assist in a low-risk campus atmosphere where community members can feel invulnerable to injustice.

Educating oneself of the 4D’s of crime prevention; for instance, is to “Deny, Detect, Delay and Deter” provides a chance to examine physical, environmental, procedural and electronic fundamental security components for one’s well-being.

To schedule a crime prevention survey, send an email to