Honoraria Award Program at San Jacinto College

The purpose of an honoraria award is to recognize and encourage San Jacinto College full-time faculty, staff, and administrators for a specific body of work and the creation of scholarly and/or original work, either as a team or an individual. The work should promote the values of San Jacinto College both within the College and the outside community.

If you are interested in applying for honoraria, the application documents, guidelines, and procedures are attached. The honoraria remuneration levels are: Gold Level ($750), Silver Level ($500), and Bronze Level ($250). The basis for awarding honorarium has remained the same and is determined by the number of achievement categories each candidate meets with the submission.

This year’s Honoraria Review Committee members are listed in the Honoraria Guidelines document. If you have questions regarding the application or honoraria procedures, please contact any committee member.

Applications for honoraria at San Jacinto College are due Monday, Dec. 2 and must be emailed to honoraria@sjcd.edu. All regular, full-time employees are eligible for honoraria.

Honoraria Application 

Honoraria Guidelines

Honoraria Procedures