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    Holiday Safety Awareness and Self Defense Workshop 

    Learn self defense and holiday safety tips while having fun!

    Friday, Dec. 6
    12-1 p.m.

    Hot cocoa and refreshments served after. For more information, contact Trenton.Denton@sjcd.edu.

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    Did you know? Shredding Requests 

    Procedure for Collection and Destruction of Sensitive Paper Documents
    Revised November 21, 2019

    • Overview
      • The process for collecting paper to destroyed (“shredding”) has been revised.  This revision will allow you to request pickup of your materials by email at any time thoughout the year. Previously, this process was carried out only semi-annually.
      • Sensitive materials will be held in a locked space until destroyed.
      • Assure that only sensitive documents are presented for destruction as this is a costly process for the College. Non-sensitive documents should be disposed of though solid waste recycling streams or other waste handling processes. Using this shredding process for disposal of non-sensitive documents constitutes improper use of College resources.
      • The contractor who destroys the materials will be scheduled as the amount of collected material dictates, minimizing the overall cost for the services.


    • Requests for Service
      • Send requests for collection of materials by email to maintenance.request@sjcd.edu.
      • Requests must include:
        • Email Subject line include: SHREDDING REQUEST
        • Requestor’s phone and email contact information
        • Detailed location of pickup, including campus, building and room number
        • Estimated amount of material, including number of boxes and estimated total weight
        • Special handling information


    • Security
      • All stored material collected for shredding will be kept in a locked, secure space with restricted access available only to Facilities Services leaders.
      • Containers
      • Please make sure the material to be shredded is in a suitable, sealed cardboard box or sealed plastic bin.
      • Size preferred – Typical Boise/Office Max paper carton or Banker Box.
      • Containers must be conspicuously labelled (1 inch letters) with name and contact information of requestor, date packaged, and the words “To be Destroyed.”
      • Containers must be sealed. Loose items will not be collected as this poses a risk of loss of sensitive documents.
      • Boxes will not be returned or shredded but will be disposed of properly.
      • Weight must not to exceed 30 pounds per container.
      • Facilities Services does not furnish containers for shredding.


    • Materials Not Allowed
      • Three Ring Binders
      • Hazardous materials or liquids
      • Plastic bags or envelopes
      • Staples and paper clips are acceptable
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    Pathways Team Takes Home Texas Success Award 

    Dr. Kelly Mizell and the San Jacinto College team attending the Texas Pathways Institute received a “Getting Students on a Pathway” award from the Texas Success Center Pathways Institute Awards recognizing the work of San Jacinto College Faculty on mapping pathways and their review of technical certificates.

    Pictured are: Robert Flynn, English professor at Central Campus; Joanna Zimmerman, associate vice chancellor of student services; DeRhonda McWaine, dean of liberal arts at Central Campus; Kelly Mizell, director of pathways and special initiatives; Kimberly DeLauro, dean of liberal arts at the south campus; Shannon Solis, math professor at the North Campus; and Nathan Narragon, business professor at the North Campus.


    • Becky Martinez Holden 10:08 am on December 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Congratulations to the Pathways team!

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    District Christmas Tree Decorating 

    David Vanover, interior design instructor and his students Jessenia Pena, Emycelin Calderon, Catherine Vazquez, and Anaissa Humphrey designed and decorated the District Christmas Tree. The annual tradition is a fundraiser for their design club and the funds will go toward a trip to the Dallas Market Center in January 2020.

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    Diesel Technology Fire Training with the Cloverleaf Fire Department 

    The Cloverleaf Fire Department held a fire extinguisher training and demonstration for diesel technology students at the North Campus Tuesday, Nov. 5, both for Credit/Aggreko students as well as duel credit and early college students.

    During the event the “PASS” (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep) process to fight fires was demonstrated. Diesel Fuel makes an impressive fire since it burns at 4,000°F; the fire department was able to replicate a realistic fire in the diesel shop setting. The Cloverleaf FD made apparatus that limits the spread of a fire, allows the fire to be put out and can allow the fire to be safely restarted to put out again.

    Fire Chief Edward Russell of the Cloverleaf Fire Department led the instruction phase and worked with the students while they used the PASS process to put out the flames from the Diesel Fuel. This makes the fifth year for diesel technology at the North Campus working with Cloverleaf Fire Department. Students really enjoy the event, and learn life saving techniques in terms of fire-fighting like the pros.

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    STEM Research Symposium 

    Undergraduate students from community colleges and universities conducted cutting edge research over the summer at Rice University through their program called Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).

    These students were able to showcase their work by presenting a poster summarizing their research project. One of the presenters was a San Jacinto College alumni named Christopher Reyes, who now works as a postdoctoral fellow at Rice University.

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    Dia de los Muertos at the South Campus 

    For the third year, the South Campus communications department celebrated El Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. The event is celebrated on November 2 and has been part of the Meso-American culture for thousands of years.

    It is celebrated by people in Mexico, parts of Central and South America and increasingly throughout the United States. It also coincides with All Souls Day in the Roman Catholic faith. Loved ones construct altars called ofrendas in Spanish that display portraits, favorite foods, and special possessions of their loved ones. There is great symbolism within the decorations on the altars. There are candles that light the way and marigolds are said to attract the souls of the deceased and guide them to this realm so that they can once again partake in some of the pleasures they once enjoyed in this life. Papel picada depicts death in various comical everyday life situations, baking, dancing and cooking. Decorative sugar skulls are placed on the altar to remind us of our mortality and to make the most of our life today.

    Participants also were encouraged to participate by posting the names of their loved ones on the Memorial Poster. Throughout the days many people posted touching notes of their loved ones that had died.

    The event was led by Mr. Juan Martinez, Spanish, French and humanities professor and assisted by Cristina Doda Cárdenas, distinguished speech professor, as well as English professors Rosalinda Izguerra, Paul Bounds, Patricia Sayles, and Dr. Jayme Long.

    More than 180 students came through the event to learn the symbolism and significance of El Día de los Muertos. Coloring pages of decorative skulls were provided as well as traditional Mexican refreshments of Topo Chicos, Manzana, and Piña sodas, with pan de muerto (in the shape of an orange blossom, skull bones, and a cross) and Mexican pastries and cookies for all that participated.

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    Veterans Day Celebrated Across Campuses 

    San Jacinto College held its annual Veterans Day ceremonies at each of its campuses on Monday, Nov. 11. Students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members attended the events to honor and thank the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.

    This year, each campus veteran center was presented with a plaque from Kelly Frels, son of World War I veteran Leon Frels, featuring a battlefield poem he wrote while serving with the U.S. Army’s 90th Division, 360th Infantry American Exploration Platoon. Frels, who attended the Maritime Campus ceremony, told attendees that his father kept detailed diaries during his time in the Army during WWI and had actually written an entry on Nov. 11, 1918, while in France that simply stated, “Hostilities have ceased.”

    Originally known as Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918, is the day that major conflicts of WWI were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. In 1954, at the request of major U.S. veteran organizations, Armistice Day was renamed Veterans Day to honor all U.S. military veterans.

    In addition to the plaque presentations, two veteran students from each campus were also presented with scholarships by the San Jacinto College Foundation. The 2019 veteran student scholarship recipients are: Central Campus: Certificate and plaque: Ray Martinez, U.S. Navy, and Brook Nwanna, U.S. Army; North Campus: Cristal Salvador, U.S. Army, and Luis Enriquez, U.S. Navy; South Campus: Yazbel Vazquez, U.S. Army, and Danny Strzyzewski, U.S. Army; and Maritime Campus: Charles Lanham, U.S. Army, and Kevin Stephens, U.S. Navy.

    To see the full photo album visit http://www.flickr.com/sanjacintocollege.


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    Reminder of November and December Payroll Date Change 

    In October 2018, as part of the College’s update to all Policies and Procedures, a change was made to Procedure III.3001.C.a, Payroll. The change had an effective date of January 1, 2019, and provided that all full-time exempt employees and part-time faculty who are paid by the course will be paid on the last banking day of each month. The prior practice of paying on the last working day of the month was rooted in the practice of handing out physical checks, which is no longer needed due to today’s electronic environment.

    This change was communicated to the College last year. An excerpt from the procedure states:

    Full-time exempt employees are compensated monthly and the paycheck reflects payment for the entire month, from the first day through the last day of the month. Part-time faculty who are paid by the course are also paid monthly based on courses taught in the parts of term that fall within the month’s pay period. Effective January 1, 2019, full-time exempt employees and part-time faculty paid by the course will be paid monthly on the last banking day of each month.

    The first impacts of this procedure change will occur in November and December. For November 2019, the pay date will be on Friday, November 29. For December 2019, the pay date will be on Tuesday, December 31. This change allows the College to adhere to normally scheduled pay dates and allows for employees to receive their pay and administer personal budgets in an orderly manner.

    Those employees who have not elected direct deposit are encouraged to do so. Otherwise, physical checks will be available for pick-up when the College opens after the holiday.

    If you have questions about your specific situation, contact payroll@sjcd.edu.

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    Our deepest sympathies go to Sgt. Eric Reyes on the recent passing of his father, Joe Reyes.

    Joe Robert Reyes was born on March 11, 1949 in San Antonio, Texas; he passed away on October 21, 2019. He is survived by his wife, Yvonne Reyes; daughter, Jessica Reyes; sons, Joe Richard Reyes, Eric Robert Reyes, Yvon Janas Reyes; brothers, Dewey Shuffield, Mark Shuffield; sister, Melody Burke; 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Joe was preceded in death by his father, Joe Reyes; mother, Beatrice Traviesos; sisters, Cindy Hall and Stella Reyes. He will be deeply missed by those who loved and knew him.

    Eric is a Sergeant in the San Jacinto College Police Department.

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