What’s New? Change to Submission of Expense Reports

There is an exciting change to the Pcard expense report submission process beginning with the November 2019 reporting cycle. Paper documents will no longer be submitted to Purchasing! Cardholders will now scan and email approved expense reports and supporting documentation to Pcard@sjcd.edu. Electronic submission of documents will allow for a more efficient and rapid turnaround time for submitting completed expense reports. Original paper documents will be stored by cardholders in accordance with record retention policies. Please see the step-by-step instructions provided to assist with implementing these changes.


  • Log into JP Morgan Chase Bank credit card system.
  • Review charges within reporting cycle. Ensure you have original receipts for each transaction.
  • Allocate charges within the JP Morgan Chase Bank system.
  • Obtain required signatures for expense report.
  • Reminders
      • Cardholders must sign all original receipts.
      • Tape loose receipts to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
      • If the receipt is too long, cut in half and tape to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
      • Do not tape on the ink of a receipt; it causes the ink to disappear.
  • Scan signed expense report and receipts into one PDF document.
  • Save the PDF as last name, first name – month year, ex: Smith, John – October 2019
  • Email PDF file to Pcard@sjcd.edu. PDF file must contain signed expense report and related receipts.
  • Cardholder must keep original expense report and receipts for current fiscal year +1 (2 years total). Original documents may be shredded on the third year in accordance with record retention laws.

Tips and recommendations:

It is recommended to store all original expense reports and receipts in one location at the departmental level or higher so documents are readily accessible at any time. Should your expense report be audited, you could be asked to submit your original expense report and supporting documents. Discuss the location of stored documents with your budget approver.

Expense reports may be signed electronically utilizing the digital signature feature in Adobe. Dynamic stamp in Adobe is not acceptable.

Do not turn in expense reports that have not been signed by your approving authority.


Call if you have any questions or email Pcard@sjcd.edu.