FYI: Subpoena’s and Public Information Act Requests

Legal counsel has informed the college that we cannot accept a subpoena for records via fax. This is especially true when the request is for records that would violate students’ FERPA rights. In addition, if someone shows up in your area requesting that you sign for a subpoena for student information, please refer them to Teri Crawford and Emily Savino in the Marketing, PR, and Government Affairs office, they are consider the Public Information Office for San Jacinto College. They are located at the College Administration Office at 4624 Fairmont Parkway, Suite 210 Pasadena, TX. Please do not sign for the subpoena. Rather, refer the person serving it to them as they will ensure it is submitted correctly and that the College meets the compliance criteria. If you receive a Subpoena via Mail, please immediately send it to office location above to Teri or Emily.

We have also been made aware that officers have shown up at the campuses requesting student information. Please refer these requests to the Public Information Office. If you receive a request for Student Directory Information from educational partners, please DO NOT provide this information. Rather, please refer these requests to: to make a student data request through our Institutional Research Office.

If you have questions regarding Texas Public Information Requests, please contact Emily Savino in the Marketing, PR, and Government Affairs Office at In addition, here is the link to the procedures regarding people contacting the College for public information: Please review this information.

Please remember that these requests for information have serious ramifications.