Grant Update

New Title V Grant Program

The U.S Department of Education awarded the $3 million Title V Grant to San Jacinto College for the Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions project, Integrated Planning and Advising System (IPAS), aligns with the college’s new strategic priorities for the next five years. The project underpins the college’s ability to implement key strategic initiatives and builds overall institutional capacity to improve outcomes for Hispanic and other underrepresented populations (i.e., low-income, first generation, etc.) served by San Jacinto College.

The IPAS overall project goal is to ‘Reform institutional advising capacity and delivery with bilingual and evidence-based intrusive student success strategies underpinned by technology-mediated solutions that streamline communication and access to information across campus to create an integrated planning and advising system (IPAS).’

The key project activities include:

  •  redesigning the advising model to include virtual advising and hiring additional advisors;
  • optimizing utility and extending utilization of existing IT and software solutions via a new student portal;
  • improving student/faculty communication with an institutionally-funded CRM; and
  • facilitating faculty and staff training development around new advising model, curricula restructure (input, SJC funded), and new IT capacities.

Further, the project ‘Academic Goal’ is to ‘create a learning environment that provides intentional and comprehensive support services and resources, innovative teaching strategies and delivery methods, and affordable course materials.’ The ‘Institutional Management Goal is: The college will foster open, transparent, and collaborative communication across the institution that support the mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

The project will be led by Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services Joanna Zimmermann and will begin immediately.

New Mass Timber University Grant Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture/Forest Service awarded $100,000 to San Jacinto College for the Mass Timber University Grant Program. (2019 – 2021) This is SJC’s fist grant award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Forest Service to support the construction of mass timber building on the College campuses. SJC is one of the 10 grant awardees in U.S. (See below)

The College’s 2015 Bond will fund a new, three-story mass timber classroom building, comprising approximately 120,000 gross square feet (GSF) on Central Campus. The design will contain instructional classrooms, computer and robotics labs, lecture hall, administrative offices, and support spaces, as well as student collaboration areas. Grant revenue will be utilized to support a pre-qualification symposium to educate prospective contractors on mass timber requirements. Further, funds will be expended for code review and peer review costs that may be required for pre-construction education of building officials. Also included will be consultant fees for incremental design and constructability guidance provided to Design Architect/Engineer and for a third-party parallel cost study to compare the cost of traditional steel and concrete alternatives to the cost of the selected timber solution to enhance the case study only.

The project will be led by Associate Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Initiative/Capital Project, Charles Smith.

New National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Grant Program

The Office of the Governor awarded $16,500 to San Jacinto College, Police Department for the National Incident-Based Reporting System Grant Program. (2019 – 2020) This is SJC’s fist grant award from the Office of the Governor to support the reporting system implementation.

This project will add NIBRS compliant components to the existing automated reporting system used by the SJC Police department. The current automated reporting system lacks these required NIBRS reporting capabilities. Project will include system setup, plus end-user and NIBRS reporting training.  The addition of this additional module will allow SJC officers to submit NIBRS compliant data to the Texas Department of Public Safety.