Updated San Jacinto College Editorial Style Guide

The Marketing, PR, and Government Affairs office has updated the San Jacinto College Editorial Style Guide.

Below is a list of the updated entries. Please reference this style guide if you have any questions on some of the more common terms, titles, and formatting used when writing and proofing.

To see the full style guide visit sanjac.edu/marketing.

Items revised:

associate degree
associate degree (no possessive); Associate of Applied Science in process technology (example of formal degree title)

academic departments
Keep departments, offices, and programs lowercased except when preceded by San Jacinto College.

academic titles
Capitalize and spell out formal titles such as chairman, dean, etc., when they precede a name. Exception: The title of Chancellor is capitalized before and after a name. Lowercase all other titles elsewhere.

Chancellor Brenda Hellyer
Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor, spoke. (Used only for the Chancellor)
Joanna Zimmerman, associate vice chancellor for student development, talked to students about…
Dr. Allatia Harris, vice chancellor, San Jacinto College Strategic Initiatives, Workforce Development, Community Relations and Diversity; second reference, Dr. Harris.

Board of Trustees
Capitalize when referring to the San Jacinto College Board of Trustees.
Do not capitalize board or trustees when they are used alone or in second reference.
The board members voted. The trustees were appointed.
Note: When referring to boards of trustees besides San Jacinto College, lowercase on all references. (This would be incorrect if we were mentioning the full name of another board — e.g., the Pasadena ISD Board of Trustees.)

Building names
San Jacinto College building names will be written with “and” rather than an ampersand (&)
The San Jacinto College South Campus Engineering and Technology Center
Note: The only exception is the LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology.

Commencement, commencement
Capitalize when referring to San Jacinto College Commencement. Lowercase on second reference or when referring to formal commencement exercises.

Use en dashes (-) for ranges in years, page numbers, times, etc. with no spaces between the
Examples: 2002-2003, 1998-1999 (repeat the full year on second reference for ranges),
pages 125-258, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

homepage (one word)
The front page of a website.


junior, senior
Abbreviate as Jr. and Sr. only with full names. Do not use a comma: Martin Luther King Jr.

Do not put 12 in front of either one. When referring to a time, it is preferable to use 12 p.m. or 12 a.m.

multicultural (no hyphen, one word)

Police Department
San Jacinto College Police Department
The police department
campus police
Bruce Caldwell, chief of police, San Jacinto College
Bruce Caldwell, San Jacinto College chief of police
City of Pasadena Police Department

Do not abbreviate. Lowercase before a name unless starting a sentence with professor.
Use instructor instead of professor according to employee directory.
Use faculty as a collective noun to include professors and instructors.
When in doubt about a person’s title, refer to the employee directory.

room numbers
Capitalize room when used with figures or a specific name of a room: Room 205, Blue Room
San Jacinto College building room numbers should be written as: C45.1119 (no dashes)

San Jacinto College
Use San Jacinto College on all first references. Capitalize College on second and subsequent references when referring to San Jacinto College. For official or legal documents, the College must be referred to as San Jacinto Community College District.
Using San Jac in athletics stories, direct quotes, and as second reference in less formal publications (not high-level publications) is permitted.

San Jacinto College Foundation
Lowercase foundation on second reference when referring to the San Jacinto College Foundation.

Use this spelling with the ending -er for all uses except when referring to a proper name of a Theatre: Theatre San Jacinto, San Jacinto College Central Campus Department of Theatre and Film
For titles of plays, other performance works, and character names, use quotations instead of italics.