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    Call for Proposals 

    The 2020 San Jacinto College: First Generation Success Conference committee seeks proposals that effectively advance the understanding of holistic success and improved outcomes specific to first-generation college students across all institutional types.

    Presenters will be asked to identify the content level of their session; foundational, intermediate, or advanced. Additionally, the content advisory committee will select programs based upon their relationship to the Conference’s learning outcomes.

    Proposals are due by Friday, Nov. 15. You can submit your proposal here.

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    District Halloween Cupcake Winners 

    The very first District Halloween Cupcake Contest was a success. A special shout-out to the first place winner, Cynthia Navarro from Aerospace Education & Workforce Development- Congratulations!

    Second and third places went to Teri Zamora, Vice Chancellor-Fiscal Affairs and Megan Carpenter, marketing and PR.

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    Our deepest sympathies go to Anita Dewease on the recent passing of her father-in-law, Jerrold Dewease.

    Jerrold Goffron Dewease, age 80, of Houston Texas, passed away Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019. Born on Dec. 23, 1938, Jerrold was the first-born son to Elmer and Vera Dewease in Noxapater, Mississippi.

    Jerrold graduated valedictorian from Christian Brothers College in Memphis, Tennessee, with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. He began his career at Allen Fossil Plant in Memphis, and was then promoted to superintendent of Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens, Alabama. A brilliant nuclear engineer, Jerrold moved his family to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to manage all 3 nuclear power plants for the Tennessee Valley Authority. In the early 1980s Jerrold transferred to Houston to oversee the construction of the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant for Houston Lighting and Power. He ended his outstanding career at Entergy in Jackson, Mississippi, as the vice president of the nuclear division. Jerrold and his wife Jessie moved back to the Clear Lake area to retire close to their children and grandchildren.

    Above all, Jerrold will be remembered as a kind, giving gentleman who truly loved the Lord and his family, always putting family before self. A faithful believer and the family spiritual leader, Jerrold always gave a heartwarming speech and prayer at every family gathering. Jerrold boldly shared his faith, love and gratitude for the Lord with his words, his character and his walk with Jesus Christ. He gave back to his church and community serving as a long-time member of First Baptist Church Pasadena and Rotary of Space Center.

    Jerrold is preceded in death by his loving parents. He leaves behind the love of his life, wife of 61 years, Jessie Mae; sister, Etora Dewease; and brother, Steve Dewease. He is also survived by his children, Jerry Dewease and wife Anita, Jeff Dewease and wife Cindy, Jason Dewease, and Jessica Tuttoilmondo, husband Mark. He was Pawpaw to grandchildren Andrew, Matthew, Brandon, Makayla, Sterling and Mark Jr.

    Jerrold will be laid to rest in Louisville, Mississippi at Liberty Baptist Church where he attended church as a child, came to accept the Lord as his Savior and was baptized. There will be no local service. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation in Jerrold Dewease’s name to the American Cancer Society.

    Anita is the Comptroller for the college.

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    Congratulations, Dr. Christopher Wild! 

    Dr. Christopher Wild, South Campus department chair of physical sciences, received the American Chemical Society Greater Houston Section 2019 Two-Year College Teaching Award.

    Wild accepted the award during the organization’s annual awards dinner Oct. 19. He is the fifth San Jacinto College chemistry teacher to have won the award in the past 10 years.

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      Congratulations, Chris!

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    FYI: Subpoena’s and Public Information Act Requests 

    Legal counsel has informed the college that we cannot accept a subpoena for records via fax. This is especially true when the request is for records that would violate students’ FERPA rights. In addition, if someone shows up in your area requesting that you sign for a subpoena for student information, please refer them to Teri Crawford and Emily Savino in the Marketing, PR, and Government Affairs office, they are consider the Public Information Office for San Jacinto College. They are located at the College Administration Office at 4624 Fairmont Parkway, Suite 210 Pasadena, TX. Please do not sign for the subpoena. Rather, refer the person serving it to them as they will ensure it is submitted correctly and that the College meets the compliance criteria. If you receive a Subpoena via Mail, please immediately send it to office location above to Teri or Emily.

    We have also been made aware that officers have shown up at the campuses requesting student information. Please refer these requests to the Public Information Office. If you receive a request for Student Directory Information from educational partners, please DO NOT provide this information. Rather, please refer these requests to: http://www.sanjac.edu/about-san-jac/college-operations/research-and-institutional-effectiveness/data-request-form to make a student data request through our Institutional Research Office.

    If you have questions regarding Texas Public Information Requests, please contact Emily Savino in the Marketing, PR, and Government Affairs Office at Emily.Savino@sjcd.edu. In addition, here is the link to the procedures regarding people contacting the College for public information: http://www.sanjac.edu/procedure-4-10-public-information-request. Please review this information.

    Please remember that these requests for information have serious ramifications.

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    PACE Survey 

    By now, each San Jacinto College full-time employee has received an invitation to take the PACE (Personal Assessment of the College Environment) survey. The survey will give us insight into ideas for improvement. It explores how we communicate, work together, and embrace innovation. We’re excited to receive the results of the survey responses and are hoping for the best possible participation. If you haven’t already, please take 20 minutes to complete the survey and convey your opinions on these important subjects for our SJC community.

    Kind regards,
    HR-OTD (Organizational and Talent Development)

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    What’s New? Change to Submission of Expense Reports 

    There is an exciting change to the Pcard expense report submission process beginning with the November 2019 reporting cycle. Paper documents will no longer be submitted to Purchasing! Cardholders will now scan and email approved expense reports and supporting documentation to Pcard@sjcd.edu. Electronic submission of documents will allow for a more efficient and rapid turnaround time for submitting completed expense reports. Original paper documents will be stored by cardholders in accordance with record retention policies. Please see the step-by-step instructions provided to assist with implementing these changes.


    • Log into JP Morgan Chase Bank credit card system.
    • Review charges within reporting cycle. Ensure you have original receipts for each transaction.
    • Allocate charges within the JP Morgan Chase Bank system.
    • Obtain required signatures for expense report.
    • Reminders
        • Cardholders must sign all original receipts.
        • Tape loose receipts to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
        • If the receipt is too long, cut in half and tape to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
        • Do not tape on the ink of a receipt; it causes the ink to disappear.
    • Scan signed expense report and receipts into one PDF document.
    • Save the PDF as last name, first name – month year, ex: Smith, John – October 2019
    • Email PDF file to Pcard@sjcd.edu. PDF file must contain signed expense report and related receipts.
    • Cardholder must keep original expense report and receipts for current fiscal year +1 (2 years total). Original documents may be shredded on the third year in accordance with record retention laws.

    Tips and recommendations:

    It is recommended to store all original expense reports and receipts in one location at the departmental level or higher so documents are readily accessible at any time. Should your expense report be audited, you could be asked to submit your original expense report and supporting documents. Discuss the location of stored documents with your budget approver.

    Expense reports may be signed electronically utilizing the digital signature feature in Adobe. Dynamic stamp in Adobe is not acceptable.

    Do not turn in expense reports that have not been signed by your approving authority.


    Call if you have any questions or email Pcard@sjcd.edu.

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    Join Scholarship Review Committee 

    It’s Scholarship Season once again at the San Jacinto College Foundation!

    Please consider joining us as a volunteer member of our Scholarship Review Committee!

    We are recruiting individuals to join us in the opportunity of reviewing scholarship applications for the spring 2020 academic semester.

    Why should you join us?
    It’s totally rewarding!
    The scholarship review process is completely online and easy to use. No in person meetings!
    No experience necessary!
    Scholarship reviews will begin on November 4, 2019, and will close on Sunday, November 18, 2019.

    If you’ve joined us before, we welcome you back. If you haven’t participated before, you will love it!

    As a reviewer, you will be assigned no more than 25 scholarship applications to review. You will score them online and will be given sufficient time to complete the review process. We expect the review and scoring process for each application to take approximately 10 minutes.

    Please consider this as an opportunity to assist our donors and us in making an impact on a student’s life.

    Please respond to tammy.mcadams@sjcd.edu no later than Thursday, Oct. 31 if you would like to join us. Please include Gloria Ramirez and Jessica Martinez when replying before Monday, Oct. 28.

    • Suzanne Sambell 8:54 am on October 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I would be happy to serve as a reviewer for the Foundation scholarships.

      • Melissa.Trevizo 8:58 am on October 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Wonderful! Please respond to tammy.mcadams@sjcd.edu and please include Gloria Ramirez and Jessica Martinez when replying before Monday, Oct. 28.

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    Grant Update 

    New Title V Grant Program

    The U.S Department of Education awarded the $3 million Title V Grant to San Jacinto College for the Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions project, Integrated Planning and Advising System (IPAS), aligns with the college’s new strategic priorities for the next five years. The project underpins the college’s ability to implement key strategic initiatives and builds overall institutional capacity to improve outcomes for Hispanic and other underrepresented populations (i.e., low-income, first generation, etc.) served by San Jacinto College.

    The IPAS overall project goal is to ‘Reform institutional advising capacity and delivery with bilingual and evidence-based intrusive student success strategies underpinned by technology-mediated solutions that streamline communication and access to information across campus to create an integrated planning and advising system (IPAS).’

    The key project activities include:

    •  redesigning the advising model to include virtual advising and hiring additional advisors;
    • optimizing utility and extending utilization of existing IT and software solutions via a new student portal;
    • improving student/faculty communication with an institutionally-funded CRM; and
    • facilitating faculty and staff training development around new advising model, curricula restructure (input, SJC funded), and new IT capacities.

    Further, the project ‘Academic Goal’ is to ‘create a learning environment that provides intentional and comprehensive support services and resources, innovative teaching strategies and delivery methods, and affordable course materials.’ The ‘Institutional Management Goal is: The college will foster open, transparent, and collaborative communication across the institution that support the mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

    The project will be led by Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services Joanna Zimmermann and will begin immediately.

    New Mass Timber University Grant Program

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture/Forest Service awarded $100,000 to San Jacinto College for the Mass Timber University Grant Program. (2019 – 2021) This is SJC’s fist grant award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Forest Service to support the construction of mass timber building on the College campuses. SJC is one of the 10 grant awardees in U.S. (See below)

    The College’s 2015 Bond will fund a new, three-story mass timber classroom building, comprising approximately 120,000 gross square feet (GSF) on Central Campus. The design will contain instructional classrooms, computer and robotics labs, lecture hall, administrative offices, and support spaces, as well as student collaboration areas. Grant revenue will be utilized to support a pre-qualification symposium to educate prospective contractors on mass timber requirements. Further, funds will be expended for code review and peer review costs that may be required for pre-construction education of building officials. Also included will be consultant fees for incremental design and constructability guidance provided to Design Architect/Engineer and for a third-party parallel cost study to compare the cost of traditional steel and concrete alternatives to the cost of the selected timber solution to enhance the case study only.

    The project will be led by Associate Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Initiative/Capital Project, Charles Smith.

    New National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Grant Program

    The Office of the Governor awarded $16,500 to San Jacinto College, Police Department for the National Incident-Based Reporting System Grant Program. (2019 – 2020) This is SJC’s fist grant award from the Office of the Governor to support the reporting system implementation.

    This project will add NIBRS compliant components to the existing automated reporting system used by the SJC Police department. The current automated reporting system lacks these required NIBRS reporting capabilities. Project will include system setup, plus end-user and NIBRS reporting training.  The addition of this additional module will allow SJC officers to submit NIBRS compliant data to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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    Updated San Jacinto College Editorial Style Guide 

    The Marketing, PR, and Government Affairs office has updated the San Jacinto College Editorial Style Guide.

    Below is a list of the updated entries. Please reference this style guide if you have any questions on some of the more common terms, titles, and formatting used when writing and proofing.

    To see the full style guide visit sanjac.edu/marketing.

    Items revised:

    associate degree
    associate degree (no possessive); Associate of Applied Science in process technology (example of formal degree title)

    academic departments
    Keep departments, offices, and programs lowercased except when preceded by San Jacinto College.

    academic titles
    Capitalize and spell out formal titles such as chairman, dean, etc., when they precede a name. Exception: The title of Chancellor is capitalized before and after a name. Lowercase all other titles elsewhere.

    Chancellor Brenda Hellyer
Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor, spoke. (Used only for the Chancellor)
    Joanna Zimmerman, associate vice chancellor for student development, talked to students about…
    Dr. Allatia Harris, vice chancellor, San Jacinto College Strategic Initiatives, Workforce Development, Community Relations and Diversity; second reference, Dr. Harris.

    Board of Trustees
    Capitalize when referring to the San Jacinto College Board of Trustees.
    Do not capitalize board or trustees when they are used alone or in second reference.
    The board members voted. The trustees were appointed.
    Note: When referring to boards of trustees besides San Jacinto College, lowercase on all references. (This would be incorrect if we were mentioning the full name of another board — e.g., the Pasadena ISD Board of Trustees.)

    Building names
    San Jacinto College building names will be written with “and” rather than an ampersand (&)
    The San Jacinto College South Campus Engineering and Technology Center
    Note: The only exception is the LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology.

    Commencement, commencement
    Capitalize when referring to San Jacinto College Commencement. Lowercase on second reference or when referring to formal commencement exercises.

    Use en dashes (-) for ranges in years, page numbers, times, etc. with no spaces between the
    Examples: 2002-2003, 1998-1999 (repeat the full year on second reference for ranges),
pages 125-258, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

    homepage (one word)
    The front page of a website.


    junior, senior
    Abbreviate as Jr. and Sr. only with full names. Do not use a comma: Martin Luther King Jr.

    Do not put 12 in front of either one. When referring to a time, it is preferable to use 12 p.m. or 12 a.m.

    multicultural (no hyphen, one word)

    Police Department
    San Jacinto College Police Department
    The police department
    campus police
    Bruce Caldwell, chief of police, San Jacinto College
    Bruce Caldwell, San Jacinto College chief of police
    City of Pasadena Police Department

    Do not abbreviate. Lowercase before a name unless starting a sentence with professor.
    Use instructor instead of professor according to employee directory.
    Use faculty as a collective noun to include professors and instructors.
    When in doubt about a person’s title, refer to the employee directory.

    room numbers
    Capitalize room when used with figures or a specific name of a room: Room 205, Blue Room
    San Jacinto College building room numbers should be written as: C45.1119 (no dashes)

    San Jacinto College
    Use San Jacinto College on all first references. Capitalize College on second and subsequent references when referring to San Jacinto College. For official or legal documents, the College must be referred to as San Jacinto Community College District.
    Using San Jac in athletics stories, direct quotes, and as second reference in less formal publications (not high-level publications) is permitted.

    San Jacinto College Foundation
    Lowercase foundation on second reference when referring to the San Jacinto College Foundation.

    Use this spelling with the ending -er for all uses except when referring to a proper name of a Theatre: Theatre San Jacinto, San Jacinto College Central Campus Department of Theatre and Film
    For titles of plays, other performance works, and character names, use quotations instead of italics.

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