San Jac kitty needs adoption

My name is Lucky Onyx. My foster parents call me Lucky. I am about six months old. I was found at the San Jacinto College District office on September 9 when I came for a Board Meeting that was revising the topic of animals on Campus. Unfortunately, stray cats was not part of the topic of the meeting and I had to wait outside.

While I waited, several college administrators and board members gave me belly rubs. I am very happy and love human warmth. At the end of the meeting, I was still outside a bit hungry and thirsty but still ready to give my message.

A dean picked me up and took me to her house. She did not know much about cats and believed that the right thing to do was to take me to the shelter to be protected. At the shelter, she and her husband were told that probably I would be killed in three days. I am perfectly healthy but chances are nobody would have claimed me in three days. I have been living in the streets for some time and people have been feeding me and played with me but I did not have a home.

My foster parents were also told that another issue was the color of my fur. I have a very elegant black coat with a small white spot on my chest. Many people are superstitious and do not want me. Therefore, many black cats are killed at shelters on a regular basis. Even more disturbing, the shelter coordinator told my foster parents that right before Halloween black cats are sought after to be used in strange rituals and activities where the animals are hurt. That was too painful to hear.

My foster parents took me back and called no-kill shelters. The local no-kill shelters told my foster parents that they have more animals than volunteers. Therefore, they could not receive me. My foster parents mentioned that they would be happy to foster me until I find a loving home.

The S.A.V.E Rescue Coalition offered to cover the costs of me getting neutered and required shots. This organization focuses not only on rescue but also on prevention of more kitties being born by spaying and neutering. They helped me and now I am fixed, fully vaccinated and ready to find my forever home. I knew that going to San Jacinto College was the right decision for me and I am receiving the help I needed. If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Janice Sullivan at