PACE institutional climate survey

Human Resources organizational and talent development is excited to announce the launch of an institutional climate survey coming in October. Introduced in the Chancellor’s email on 9/9, this survey is called PACE (Personal Assessment of the College Environment) and was designed by the National Initiative for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness located at North Carolina State University.

All San Jacinto College full-time employees are expected to contribute their thoughts and opinions on subjects ranging from student success to institutional effectiveness. The survey will launch on October 15, via an email sent you directly, requiring between 25-30 minutes to complete.

San Jacinto College takes pride in being a culture of learning and innovation that is continuously seeking ways to improve. PACE has been recognized, by many other institutions of higher education, and we are hoping it will provide us with ideas for effectiveness improvement moving forward. Thank you in advance for your time taking the survey; collectively we are advancing our strategic vision.