Become a Brand Ambassador!

Employees are a vital link to the San Jacinto College brand. They are influencers and are passionate about the College’s mission and values. Come alongside the marketing department for a closer look at our brand – our core promise – and the role you play.

Here’s the Program

The marketing department has created a dynamic and engaging Brand Ambassador Program. Each month you’ll learn hands-on tools of the College brand and how to apply them to your area.

  • San Jacinto College brand:
    All about our brand promise
  • Graphics and visuals:
    Colors, typography, templates, tools and resources
  • Social media:
    Tips and best practices
  • Communications:
    How to create messages that people read
  • Website:
    Be on the ground floor as we recreate the website; hear updates; learn how to optimize your department pages to come up high in search engines, best practices, web content
  • Marketing:
    What marketing can do for you, resources, prices, tips, and how to make the most of having an “in-house marketing agency”.

Fall 2019 Class Schedule

This is a three-month program and all three sessions are required to graduate as a Brand Ambassador.

Classes meet at District from 1 – 4:30 pm.

  • October 10
  • November 13
  • December 10 (includes graduation)

How to Register

Cornerstone: MRKT 1006 Brand Ambassador

NOTE: You only need to register for Session 7725, on Oct. 10, which will sign you up for all three sessions.