San Jac PD equipped to serve College community in medical emergencies

by Courtney Morris

The San Jacinto College Police Department thanks the United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association for recently donating 28 belt trauma kits, better equipping officers to serve the College community.

The Z-Medica kits, valued around $1,900, contain rubber gloves, a CPR mask, a tourniquet, and gauze for emergency first aid so officers may assist students, faculty, and others until paramedics arrive.

“These kits will be carried by all the patrol officers and will be used in emergency medical trauma incidents to stop bleeding,” Sgt. Scott Klamert, San Jacinto College PD, said.

The compact, lightweight kits add another layer of safety to police shifts while making room for officers’ other gear.

Pictured with the kits are Police Chief Bruce Caldwell (left) and Officer Jesse Mendoza.