Congratulations, Yvonne Frear!

San Jacinto College has continued to support and embrace The Leadership and Mentoring Institute (LMI), a division of the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education – AABHE, because it not only meets the College values, but it also provides employees with a professional development opportunity of a lifetime.

Out of the seven College values, the ones that were reiterated the most to the LMI Class of 2019, were inclusivity, collaboration, accountability, and excellence.

LMI prepares African-Americans educational leaders who are seeking senior leadership positions in higher education a forum to acquire skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities to facilitate their aspirations.

Drs. Laurel Williamson, Allatia Harris, Brenda Jones, Bill Raffetto, and Van Wigginton are supportive on selecting qualified applicants from the College to attend this weekly conference.  This year’s participant and graduate was Yvonne Frear, Department Chair – Social and Behavioral Sciences.  This annual conference was hosted by Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, from July 7 – 13.

The leaders of the College continues to support LMI because the graduates of LMI continue to demonstrate leadership qualities needed to help move our institution forward. Previous San Jacinto College LMI graduates are:

  • Dr. Lamar McWaine – 2012
  • Dr. Alexander Okwonna – 2014
  • Dr. DeRhonda McWaine – 2015
  • Professor Tonja Conerly – 2017
  • Dr. Charlotte Garrett and Dr. Tyler Oliver – 2018

Each of these LMI graduate maintain multiple leadership roles in our College ranging from Dean, Department Chair and Faculty Leaders.

Dr. Alexander Okwonna and Professor Tonja Conerly had a lead role at this year’s Institute as a workshop presenter and other responsibilities.  Dr. DeRhonda McWaine and Dr. Lamar McWaine also attended and participated in events as well to provide College support to our newest LMI graduate, Yvonne Frear. Congratulations, we are all proud of yet another accomplishment!
If you are interested in attending LMI in the future, contact Dr. Lamar McWaine or visit their website at