Welcome, Ron Sanchez!

Ron Sanchez, vice president of organizational and talent development started at San Jacinto College in June. Get to know him a little better and help us welcome him to the College.

Why did you decide to make the big move to San Jacinto College?
Texas is home. I enjoyed my time as a senior executive with the US Treasury Department and the IRS in Washington DC. The Washington DC area is beautiful and a great place to experience life but it’s not Texas. I’ve had the desire for many years to be part of the San Jac Team. I wanted to work in higher education ever since I was a graduate student at UHCL but my career took me in another direction until now. It’s my dream job in my dream organization.

Tell us a bit about your background:
When I graduated from UHCL I started my career with Exxon/Mobil Corporation as an internal auditor at the Baytown refinery and chemical plant for five years. I then made a career change to the Federal Government where I started as a Revenue Agent with the IRS. My career progressed to analyst/senior analysts positions, then management positions. In 2003, I moved from tax compliance work to employee development as a training director in the Large Business and International Organization with the IRS where I was responsible for training Revenue Agents, International Examiners, Engineers, Financial Products Specialists, Administrative Professionals and Leadership. In 2013, I graduated from the executive development program with the IRS and was appointed as their Chief Learning Officer where I was responsible for employee development for over 80,000 employees. I led a variety of employee development programs across the country in this capacity. In 2017, the US Treasury Department requested I become their Chief Learning Officer where I was responsible for employee development for over 110,000 employees in 9 Treasury bureaus (including the IRS). In 2018, I was elected as the co-chair of the Federal CLO Council, which is made up of CLOs from cabinet level federal agencies. I led many special projects along the way related to organization development as well. It was an honor to serve in all these positions. I now bring this experience to SJC and looking forward to the adventures ahead.

On the personal side I have been married for 33 years. I have three grown children and three Pomeranians. Along the way I studied martial arts for 18 years and earned a 4th degree black belt. I have since “retired” from martial arts. I am now a cyclist and runner. I run in the Houston Marathon annually and other running events around the Houston area. I also ride in cycling events around the Houston area. I have ridden in the MS 150 three times (Houston to Austin). I am considering riding in the MS 150 next year. Many of the cycling and running events raise money for charities so that is a motivator to participate.

I am also part of a third generation of SJC employees. My father, Roy Sanchez, was a professor of accounting at the South campus for many years until he retired in 2014. My daughter, Ronni Sanchez, is currently a part time employee in the Physical Science Department as a chemistry lab technician at the South Campus.

What do you want people to know about you and what you bring to the College?
I bring skills, a passion for my job, energy and a desire to do my part in OTD for continued organization and employee success.

What do you enjoy about working in higher ed?
I love helping people develop and succeed. I believe in continuous learning because to grow and be successful one must always learn. We never know it all. That is why I have a passion for talent development, helping others learn and grow. The best organizations have well trained employees.
In higher education we educate students for success in life and to accomplish their career goals. In OTD we educate SJC employees for their success and to accomplish their career goals.

Is there anything that has surprised you about moving back to the Houston area?
They built a Buc-ee’s on I-10 in the Katy area. That was a nice surprise to see.

I moved back during the hottest time of the year so the temperature adjustment is a challenge although as a native Texan I don’t think you can ever get comfortable with the heat and humidity.

I missed Texas bar-b-que and Mexican food. They have it in Washington but it’s not the same. I also missed Whataburger while in DC. I googled for the closest Whataburger while in Washington and it was in Florida.

What do you look forward to the most at the College?
Waking up every morning and doing what I love to do, which is organization and talent development. I look forward to working with the OTD staff to continue growth in our programs. I look forward to working with leadership and employees across the college to meet the organization and employee development needs across the college and doing my part for the continued success of San Jacinto College.