SoTL Annual Poster Colloquium

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Annual Poster Colloquium was held Monday, April 15 to present classroom research by San Jacinto College faculty.

Twenty-two faculty members presented research ranging from topics about technology and retention rates to growth mindsets and attendance.

Presenters included:

  • Pam Betts
    Incorporating Industry Tools to CS/CIT Computer Classes
  • Janet Blackburn
    Trends in Demographics and Student Major Declaration at San Jacinto College 2009-2018
  • Dr. Liana Boop
    Practice Exams: Worth the Class Time or Waste of Class Time?
  • Cristina Cárdenas
    Self Identity, Sentipensante, SPCH 1318 Interpersonal Communication and the Cajita Project
  • Sarah Chaudhary
    Mindfulness for Educators
  • Yesenia Chavez, Ph.D.
    College Workstations: How Do Spanish Heritage Learners (HL) Empower Students of Second Language (L2)?
  • Tonja Conerly
    Using Open Educational Resources in the Classroom: Which is the Preferred Learning Method for Our Students – Face-to-Face or Online?
  • Dr. Bryan Corbin
    Understanding Student Perceptions of Instructor Feedback in College Level Composition Courses
  • Dr. Christy Davis
    Rocking and Rolling: An Introspective Look at Revision vs. Reflection in Student Essays
  • Connie Duren
    The Cycle of Deeper Learning
  • Robert Flynn
    Showing Up Matters!  Attendance and Student Success in ENGL 1301 and 1302
  • Pandora Freestone
    Do Students Perform Better in a Flipped Classroom?  Do They Prefer A Flipped Class?
  • Julie E. Groesch, Ph.D.
    Student Perceptions of Their Writing: Exploring Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Dr. Karen Hattaway
    Ongoing Study: Articulating Learning to Support Independent Critical Thinking
  • Phyllis Hooi
    Using the 5 W’s and an H to Improve Learning and Retention
  • Kayla Logan, Ph.D.
    The Discourse of Rhetorical Discourse: Using Corpus Linguistics to Inform Instruction and Textbook Selection in English Composition
  • Kimberly Miller-Davis and Dr. Tyler Olivier
    Cultivating Connections in the College Classroom
  • Dr. Farran Norris Sands
    Beyond the Classroom: Field Trips and Student Success
  • Ralph Penn
    The Impact of Technology-Enhanced Practicum Supervision on Student Knowledge and Performance during the Field Experience
  • Crystal Tewes
    Academic Cohorts: Relationship between Academic Cohorts and Graduation and Retention Rates
  • John Thornburg
    Using Composition to Strengthen Student Growth Mindsets and Grit