Campus Tours

From the Office of Recruiting

Have you ever seen a large group of children walking around campus and wonder what they’re doing? They are participating in a campus tour! The Office of Recruiting facilitates tours for groups of 10 students or more for local elementary, middle, and high schools.

Campus tours are an important part of the Office of Recruiting’s efforts to connect with prospective students through the P16 pipeline. For some of our tour participants, their tour at San Jacinto College may be the first time they’ve stepped foot on a college campus.

The tours are customized for the various age groups. Our elementary school visitors learn about becoming a superhero through one of our career pathways. Middle school students learn about the different kinds of smarts they have and how those directly connect to their future careers. High school students learn that college can be an option and doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to find a successful career.

Each tour ends with a walking tour of campus. The Office of Recruiting relies on our faculty and staff volunteers to help connect students to various departments on campus. Students always have fun speaking with Kathy Burris at the Central Campus Cosmetology salon. Kathy shows our visitors through the cosmetology suite, talks about the types of classes, and allows them to look up close through the facial lab.

Another faculty partner is Robyn Ring, Program Director for Criminal Justice at Central. The criminal justice classrooms are always a highlight for students to see, especially when crime scenes are set up. These types of experiences help foster a deeper connection to the College.

Last fall, the Office of Recruiting welcomed more than 1,200 students to campus and we continue to receive tour requests for the spring and summer semesters. Recruiting would like to thank all of our faculty and staff volunteers who have helped with tours this year. If you are interested in more information on how to partner with Recruiting for tours, please contact TJ Perez at