New Website! Check your Content!

The New Website Is Coming! The New Website Is Coming!

That’s right, an all new is scheduled to roll out February 26. The new website will have a more modern design, be more responsive on mobile and tablet devices, have clearer navigation, better usability, more robust calendars, better search results, and basically every improvement we could pack in to one redesign.sample image of new

One important element we need your assistance with is the site content. With thousands of pages of content, we rely on College employees to monitor and update their site content, as the content experts in their field. Ideally, you’ve been keeping up with your site content and know it to be accurate and up to date. But if that is not the case, NOW is the time.

All site content will be migrated from the current site to the new site beginning February 1. We want to make sure our new site launches with as much accuracy as possible, so if you have questions about your content, please review it now to be sure it’s accurate, up to date, and complete. This includes removing outdated pages, combining pages, or creating new pages.

If you find content or a page that needs editing, please contact your department content owner, or submit a digital marketing request form detailing the required edits and the specific pages.

After the February 1 migration, the content to the current site will be frozen (barring emergency updates and mission critical information), and any new edits or content will need to be added to the new site after the February 26 launch.

If you have any questions, please contact Joshua Banks in marketing to discuss.