Small act of kindness from a big heart

Alex Coco didn’t think twice about turning in a $100 bill he found outside a shopping center parking lot. Most 12-year-olds would have considered it their lucky day and headed to their favorite store. Alex, however, walked right back inside to ask the management if anyone reported missing the bill.

After doing some checking, Alex was told that he could keep the bill since no one called or left word to claim it. Now that he officially had $100, his conscious would be at ease knowing that it was rightfully his. But Alex is no ordinary 12-year-old. Rather than buy the latest video games, or even gifts for his family, he told his mom, Nevin Coco, South Campus liberal arts division operations coordinator, that he wanted to use the money to help those who needed it more than he did. Alex then decided to use the $100 to buy food for the South Campus’ food pantry. It’s a great feeling to know that there are young people out there whose compassion and kindness for others will always speak volumes through their actions. Thank you, Alex!