Seasonal Flu Vaccination Program

During the 2009 flu pandemic, San Jacinto College responded by providing the flu vaccine as a benefit to its employees, largely due to the difficulty in obtaining and/or the expense of the vaccine.  In recent years, the College has continued to purchase the flu vaccine in order for it to be offered to employees, students, and family members conveniently.

Over the past few years, there has been limited and declining participation in the program, and the cost and potential risk to the College has increased.  Additionally, since the origination of the program, the medical community has responded with flu shots being made readily available at little or no cost to our insured employees and their dependents.

Due to the increased availability of the vaccine through third-party providers, the College has decided to cease duplicating this service.  The remainder of this email provides you with details on where to get your flu shot based on the type of health insurance coverage you have.

NOTE:  Health insurance plans differ regarding where to receive a flu shot.  Here is a summary by plan:

  1. KelseyCare (powered by Community Health Choice)

Employees on the KelseyCare plan will go to a Kelsey-Seybold clinic for services.

  1. ERS Consumer Directed HealthSelect

Employees in the Consumer Directed (high deductible) have the cost of the shot applied toward their deductible.

  1. BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) Health Select of Texas Plan

Employees covered through the BCBS Health Select Plan are eligible for free shots.

  1. If a BCBS Health Select Plan member is getting a flu shot (or any covered vaccine) at an in-network pharmacy, he/she will present the Optum Rx prescription card.
  2. If the member is at an in-network retail health clinic within the pharmacy, such as MinuteClinic at CVS, RediClinic at HEB, or one of the in-network health clinics at Walmart, he/she will use the BCBS health card.

If the member is unsure of which card to use, he/she can show both cards and the clinic or pharmacy will submit to the appropriate insurance plan.

  1. A BCBS Health Select Plan member may also receive a free flu shot by visiting his/her primary care physician (PCP) for this service as well.

Should you have any questions regarding benefits, please contact HR – Benefits at  You are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits and coverage offered by the College’s insurance plans.