September is National Preparedness Month


Every September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with 3,000 global, national, regional, and local governments, as well as private and public health institutions, supports emergency preparedness efforts and encourages Americans to take action before, during, and after an emergency. Every community in the United States should be ready to respond to an infectious disease outbreak, chemical or radiological release, or natural disaster.

This September, CDC will team up with, federal and public sector partners, and state and local public health departments nationwide to raise awareness about The Power of Preparedness during National Preparedness Month (NPM).

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the great 1918 influenza pandemic, which killed 50–100 million people. Planning and preparedness for all types of public health emergencies is vital for keeping communities safe. States and communities are developing preparedness plans and strengthening their ability to respond to a broad range of public health emergencies.

This year’s call-to-action, Prepare Your Health, highlights four areas that complement the roles that individuals, state and local public health departments, and CDC play in creating community health resilience. It takes everyone pulling in the same direction to build communities and a nation that can withstand, adapt to, and recover from personal and public health emergencies.