North Campus geology field trip

A group of 28 San Jacinto College North Campus students took a camping geology field trip to central Texas recently led by Peter Anderson, Rejeana Stephens and JohnFranklin Dzuryak. The weather cooperated nicely and the students were able to visit several road cuts, Inks Lake State Park, Grenwelge Park and a quick stop at Enchanted Rock. Students were able to collect fossils and mineral samples, while also visually learning about igneous intrusions, faulting, the principles of relative dating, stratigraphy, and depositional environments.

For some it was their first time ever camping.

One of Dzuryak’s students posted on instagram, “I went camping for the first time…. and kind of liked it?? I learned how to pitch a tent!! Also spending time without my phone in nature was actually refreshing. Spent quality time with some great people looking at beautiful scenery.”

Enjoy some of our pictures the trip.