Update: Road Re-Opening Cunningham and Fairmont

Office of the Dean of Administration
C14.200 / 281-478-2771

UPDATE: #2018 – 4 Update

EVENT: Re-opening of Cunningham Drive

LOCATION: Central Campus – Cunningham Drive and Fairmont Pkwy

ACTIVITY: Utilities Construction for the CPET Building

SCHEDULE: Monday, May 14th

IMPACT: Speed limit reduced to 15 MPH

  1. Cunningham Drive will re-open on May 14, after the completion of the Spring Semester traffic.
  2. The speed limit will be reduced to 15 MPH until the completion of all construction at this time next year.
  3. To support the reduced speed limit, 4 temporary speed humps will be installed, all equally spaced between Schochler Drive and Fairmont Parkway. Upon completion of construction, the temporary humps will be replaced with permanent devices.