Building Renovations at San Jacinto College North Campus

From Dr. William Raffetto, provost San Jacinto College North Campus

As you may have heard, the college is planning a major renovation of the Brightwell, Spencer, and Wheeler buildings. As part of this overall plan, the Galena Park Early College Technical High School will occupy most of the first and second floors of the Burleson Building.

This project is about enhancing the teaching and learning environment of three major classroom buildings. There will be an effort to be the least disruptive as possible to the campus during this time. Our vision is to :

  1. Increase classroom capacity
  2. Provide quality offices and departmental support
  3. Insure code compliance
  4. Upgrade all building systems ( mechanical, electrical, plumbing )that are nearing the end of their life cycle
  5. Make some cosmetic improvements
  6. Provide good acoustics in the instructional spaces

As I mentioned above, there will be an effort to be the least disruptive as possible. That said, please understand that there is always some inconvenience and interruptions associated with a project of this magnitude. Many employees will have to be relocated as the result of the project. I am asking for your patience during this process.

The three buildings ( Brightwell, Spencer, and Wheeler ) have served the college well for approximately the last 40 years . However, it is now time to upgrade and modernize them. I want to share with you the process as we move forward.

We have already had our project kickoff meeting which included North Deans, SJC construction leaders, professional facility planners, and architects. The next step will include workshops with the “end users” (department chairs, faculty, and staff ). We want the process to be inclusive and want to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Finally, Chuck Smith, Director of Facilities Capital Projects, will be invited to the campus to provide an overview and answer your questions about the project. I will send out a meeting invitation when these details are worked out.