Congratulations PTK!

Student members and faculty advisors of San Jacinto College’s Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) international honor society Alpha Gamma Zeta chapter recently received numerous awards at the regional and international conferences.

At the Texas regional conference, PTK Alpha Gamma Zeta was named a Top Texas PTK chapter within the top 16 chapters out of approximately 90 PTK chapters in Texas. PTK student officer, Isabelle Faust was named to the Distinguished Officer Hall of Honor. The chapter also received their 5-Star Chapter Award, the highest award an individual chapter can receive for student and administrator engagement at the regional and international levels through projects and outreach initiatives. They also received the Distinguished College Project Award for developing a collaborative mentoring program with PTK students and the College’s I-Connect Centers, which have resources for students in developmental education courses. PTK faculty advisors Elizabeth McKinley and Lambrini Nicopoulos received the Distinguished Advisor Team Award. McKinley was also recognized for serving as secretary for the Texas PTK Advisory Board and will serve as the vice chair of the Texas PTK Advisory Board beginning next year for a three-year term. Five PTK Alpha Gamma Zeta members also received their 5-Star Competitive Edge pins. San Jacinto College South Campus Provost and PTK alumna, Dr. Brenda Jones, also received the PTK Alumni of Distinction Award.

The annual PTK Catalyst Awards were recently held in Kansas City, Missouri, and celebrated the organization’s 100th year as an international honor society encouraging and celebrating student success. Along with being recognized for their previous regional awards, PTK Alpha Gamma Zeta was also named a Top 100 PTK Chapter out of approximately 1,340 PTK chapters worldwide.

The chapter also received recognition as the Student Organization of the Year at the annual San Jacinto College South Campus Student Engagement and Activities Awards. PTK student president Martha Urdaneta was also named Student Leader of the Year.