OER Week at San Jacinto College

On behalf of Tonja Conerly, San Jacinto College South Campus sociology professor and OpenBooks project director

You might have heard of OpenStaxs, but now it’s time for you to hear about OpenBooks. OpenBooks is open educational resources (OER) at San Jacinto College. During March 5 – 9 , we had the opportunity to celebrate OpenBooks during Open Education Resources Week.  During this week, our College and other institutions around the world, raised awareness about OER, which are free, open-licensed educational materials that exist.  We had celebrations on the Central, North and South Campus to introduce how open education resources can help our students financially and also give our faculty members an opportunity to create and share their work with their peers all around the world.

OpenBooks’ success has truly been a collaboration of every department at our College. OpenBooks has been available at the College since spring 2017, and since then more than 106 faculty members have used OER materials to provide more than 13,000 students with knowledge and saved them more than $1.2 million in textbooks fees.

During OER Week on each campus, the OpenBooks campus ambassadors and the student engagement and activities departments partnered together to inform students about OpenBook.  Each campus, provided information on the benefits of OpenBooks courses, how to search for OpenBooks courses in CourseFinder and the significant savings our students have seen in textbook costs.

Freshman Jose Aguilar on the South Camps stated, “I had no idea San Jac offered these types of classes. I always struggle with textbook costs, and this could really help me out in future semesters. This is an amazing opportunity that I knew nothing about.”   In addition to information, the campus OER events also offered free popcorn (thanks to the student engagement and activities staff), a raffle for Amazon gift cards and a host of other free giveaways.  The event will hopefully lead to a robust enrollment in all the fall OpenBooks courses.

For additional information on OpenBooks, visit:

For Students: http://www.sanjac.edu/student-services/student-support/what-open-books

For Faculty: http://catalogs.lumenlearning.com/catalogs/3#/catalogs/3?_k=qlwaf6

Contact Tonja Conerly, OER Project Director, or your campus ambassador for additional information pertaining to OpenBooks:

Dr. Julie Groesch – Central Campus

Kim Miller-Davis – North Campus

Dr. Katy Rudisill – South Campus