SAFETY TIPS – Small Appliances

Like our home kitchen, breakrooms and workrooms are one of the most useful – but potentially, the most dangerous rooms in our buildings. This means it’s important to be well aware of electrical safety. Every year, electrical malfunctions are responsible for death and injury, and are a leading cause of house fires. It’s important to be aware of any safety issue in your breakroom or workroom, especially with so many appliances and gadgets running on a consistent basis. Here are a few “kitchen” safety tips for to keep everyone safe.

  • It should go without saying: be sure you’ve turned off appliances like the oven, coffee maker, and stovetop burners after using them.
  • Periodically check the condition of the plugs and sockets. Immediately report to Facilities Services any burnt or frayed wires on appliances.
  • Do not use the top of the microwave as a place to set liquids. Liquids could spill, causing a short circuit.
  • Make sure there is room behind refrigerators for air to circulate.
  • Ideally, only one appliance should be plugged into each outlet, to avoid overloading the outlet, wiring, and circuit breaker. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of outlets please contact Facilities Services for assistance.
  • Do not attempt to put out an electrical fire with water. Unplug the appliance if possible and use a fire extinguisher rated for electrical fires.
  • Unplug any countertop appliances when they are not in use, and move them away from the sink. If a non-GFCI appliance is accidentally knocked into the sink, there is a great risk for electrical shock.
  • Plugging small appliances into working GFCI outlets greatly reduces your risk of electric shock.
  • Do not use power strips or extension cords to plug in appliances on a permanent basis. Appliances should be plugged directly into grounded outlets.

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