Keenan appointed to NANOE Board of Governors

Ruth Keenan, San Jacinto College Foundation executive director for advancement, has been appointed to the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE) 2018 Board of Governors.

“I am grateful to have been selected by my peers for this nomination,” said Keenan. “I plan to use this opportunity to give back to my own profession of national and international nonprofit fundraising by helping to review and establish new guidelines for nonprofit policies and procedures. Fueled by the continued success and standard of excellence here at San Jacinto College, I feel confident that now is the time to step up– to create a legacy for support and mentoring for those new to the field and those who wish to sharpen their skills.”

NANOE is the only national legislative body comprised of Governors nominated from all 50 states who oversee the codification of guidelines that govern sound charitable practice. In her new role, Keenan will help refine, improve and strengthen the “New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit (Second Edition),” a new set of governing guidelines rooted in principles of moral agency, stewardship, freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful assembly, ethical practice and transparency that supercharge nonprofit capacity-building.

Keenan will be honored alongside fellow Governors at NANOE’s Annual Board of Governors Convention & Expo March 26-27, 2019, in Charleston, South Carolina.