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Submitted by Sharon Nelson ~

I am excited to announce that an article has been printed in the nationally distributed Coaching Management Magazine about the San Jac Volleyball’s Military Appreciation Tournament. What an honor to be recognized. I am incredibly humbled to be part of a national movement to generate ideas for special events, especially for our Veterans and Active Military.

The article named/mentioned some of the people who helped make this event amazing, but not everyone I mentioned ended up being named in the article.

SO- Special recognition to (I hope I don’t miss anyone – there’s so many of you)

  • San Jacinto College for allowing us the opportunity to host such a tremendous event in collaboration with the NJCAA Athletic Tournament hosted on our Central Campus.
    • This tournament brings a minimum of 10 out of town teams to our community for competition. They utilize hotels, local restaurants, and businesses for the 3-day event; generating not only recognition but revenue for our college community.
    • All of our administration and a special note to Dean Simons – for coming to the rescue one year! J
    • SJC Marketing who went FaceBook ‘Live’ as the Huey landed in the campus courtyard, took photos, interviewed veterans, and handed out shirts. (And coordinated this interview)
    • Campus Police Dept. and the Safety Dept. for approving and securing the area as well as protecting the helicopter.
  • Jeff Pearce for his vision to expand our event by collaborating with FirstGen, setting up hotel and food pricing packages for our visiting teams, and also bringing in local food vendors. (Not to mention the tedious creation of the actual play schedule, etc, etc, etc. ).
  • Michelle Wilson, Amy Axtell, and First Gen for graciously taking on so many aspects of the event.
    • The Reception and Honor Ceremony
    • Collaborating with Camp Hope
    • Contacting the local ROTC programs
    • Scheduling the FirstGen Students to greet veterans and fans at the door for admission.
    • Gathering all the departments across our wonderful campus to participate! There are so many of you who helped and brought items, including the gift bags for the Veterans Recognition Ceremony.
    • It would not have been possible without all of you!
  • Melanie Neill from North Campus Veterans Center – you were instrumental in getting this ball rolling in 2014! Your experience and suggestions helped us grow our event.
  • Physical Education Department and Rec Sports for assisting before, during, and after the event. We are always there for each other when events occur and it is wonderful to work together with you.
  • Rick Sharpe of the Vietnam War Flight Museum and Rick Harris of the Collings Foundation. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for your service as well as for donating your time and your military “toys” (like the Huey) to display at our event. We are forever grateful to you and all of our veterans and active military.

As you can see, there are so many who helped us make this event special, and if I missed mentioning you above – THANK YOU!

Here is a segment of the email I received with the article link. If it doesn’t take you straight to it, it is ALL of page 9.

Dear Sharon,
Thanks so much for your help with the article. Here is a link to the issue, with the story about San Jacinto.
” – Eleanor Frankel

Thank you again!



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