Important Update for San Jacinto College Employees

Dear San Jacinto College employees,

I know you are receiving many extensive emails. They will continue over the next few days.   It is critical that you read through these emails even though they are long.  We are working through all our processes to get the College open and the fall semester started.  Both employees and students are asking a lot of questions, and we are working through them to develop answers. We are communicating the answers through these emails.  There are many details to work through so I appreciate your patience in reading through all of them. Also know that we are in a time where things may change as additional information or situations evolve.

I also want to be sure you know that we understand that many employees have sustained significant damage to their homes, vehicles, and other property. We know that this type of catastrophe takes an emotional toll on all affected. With that, there are questions about returning to work and the need for flexibility to take care of your homes and your families. I want to provide you with some guidance around these concerns.

Communicate With Your Leader

I ask that each employee keep your leader informed of your personal situation and ability to return to work on Tuesday, September 5th. You need to inform your leader if you will not be able to return to work on Tuesday, September 5th. For the days ahead, I am asking you to provide as much notice as possible, but no less than eight hours or a day ahead of your regularly scheduled class, shift, or work schedule. I am asking leaders to work with you to provide work schedule flexibility. At the same time I ask each employee to balance your personal situations while observing the student’s and the College’s need for your presence at work.


Paid Time Off for Recovery

Effective September 1st, leave balances were front loaded for full-time benefits eligible employees who are not currently on leave without pay. Should an employee have extenuating personal circumstances and need additional disaster recovery time, including making arrangements for elderly parents, up to 60 hours of your available sick leave may be used through December 31, 2017. Refer to the leave time schedule below.

We also understand that several school districts will still be closed beyond September 5th. In these situations, up to 24 hours of your sick leave may be used while employees make alternate arrangements for child care. Employees should continue to work with their leaders to discuss their personal situations and the need for sick leave due to child care needs. Sick leave is not intended to be used as long-term support for child care.

Sick leave is also not intended for volunteering in the community for continued recovery efforts.


Leave Schedule

Leave time is front-loaded September 1st for employees who are not currently on leave without pay. For other full-time employees the leave is loaded as follows:

·         9-month faculty – 48 hours sick and 24 hours personal business

·         10.5 month faculty – 60 hours sick and 24 hours personal business

·         12-35 month faculty – 72 hours sick and 24 hours personal business

·         12-40 faculty – 72 hours sick, 24 hours personal business, and minimum 80 hours vacation

·         Full-time staff/admin – 72 hours sick, 24 hours personal business, and minimum 80 hours vacation

Part-time faculty assigned to teach a full course will be paid as regularly scheduled. Part-time faculty paid via timesheets should submit hours throughout the semester when time is worked. Department chairs will coordinate with faculty on the schedule to make up student hours throughout the semester.

There may be opportunities for part-time staff to work additional hours as college operations resume. Hours for student workers are contingent on funding from federal or state work study programs.


Living the Values

Please remember that as employees of San Jacinto College, we live by our values including integrity, collaboration, excellence, innovation, and sense of community. We need all hands on deck to ensure the successful and continued operations of the College to meet the needs of our students. We need everyone to make every effort to be supportive of our students and our fellow employees. We need all available employees to report to work as scheduled on Tuesday, September 5th.  Communication with your leader is critical during this recovery period.  Remember it will continue for many of you and members of our community for a long period of time.

Other Items and Information

The San Jacinto College Foundation has rolled out the SJC Student and Employee Emergency Relief Fund to provide an opportunity to help those affected by this devastating storm. As the Foundation receives donations, a process for application for and disbursement of funds will be developed with the understanding that the entire process is contingent on how much is collected through the donation process. More communication will follow as we return to full college  operations.

·         To donate, please visit

·         Employees may access resources for coping with disaster. Please visit

·         For questions regarding utilizing your leave benefits, please contact or

·         Students are asking many questions.  We have developed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to ensure we are all proving the same information.  They will be changing as we get more questions. You can review the most current FAQs at I encourage you to review this information and point students to the information as well.



I know everyone is feeling the stress from the magnitude of this storm. We are all in this together, and together, we will overcome the obstacles in front of us.  I look forward to having you back at the College on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.  On that day and for the rest of the week, please feel free to dress casually and wear your San Jacinto College apparel including your Aspen t-shirt!


Dr. Brenda Hellyer

Chancellor, San Jacinto College