Central Campus Symposium

On behalf of Judith Maima

The Central Campus Symposium will be held March 1, and March 2, 2017 at various locations on the Central Campus. The symposium will feature informative presentations by faculty and staff members. All presentations are free and open to the public.

For a complete list of subjects, presenters, locations, dates, and times, please visit http://www.sanjac.edu/node/1918806


Scheduled presentations include:

I. Is Free Speech Fact or Fiction: A Discussion of Hot Topics by Dr. Shera Carter Sackey and Speech & Public Speaking Honors Students

II. Design of Therapeutics to Cure Human Disease: Research at the Interface of Biology and Chemistry by Professor Christopher Wild, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, and Engineering

III. Approaches to Writing by Faculty

IV. Spiritualism in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans by Professor M. Melissa Daggett, History

V. The Trouble with Texas Turnout: How Low Voter Turnout Distorts Public Policy in the Lone Star State by Professors Patrizio Amezcua, Cody Pogue, and William Parent, Government

VI. Meaningful Service Learning by Dr. Judith Maima, Education

VII. Prisoner of the Rising Sun; the WWII experiences of a POW by Professor Paul McRee, History

VIII. Starting the Cycle of Success – Motivating the First Generation College Student by Michelle Cantu-Wilson, Professor for College Preparatory and San Jac 1st Gen Advisor and Andres Lara “The Cuban Guy” – Motivational Speaker

IX. Stress management for College students and SJC employees by Sandi Morgan, Physical Education

X. Helping Students Use More Academic Language by Professor Christina Putnam-Cox, English

XI. Faculty Exhibition located in Central Art Gallery by Professors Todd Allison, Daniel Longtin, Mark Myers and Mike Unger with the Art Department

XII. Careers in Psychology – Is a Psych Degree Right for Me? By Professors Sherry Ash, Clare Zaborowski, Stefanie Mitchell and Christi Boren

XIII. San Jacinto College Central Campus Art Gallery