Hispanic Heritage Month Luncheon at South Campus

Were you aware that most Hispanics live in California, Florida or Texas? Did you know that in New Mexico, Hispanics are the largest percentage of the population? On Wednesday October 12, 2016 those attending the Hispanic Heritage Luncheon hosted by the San Jacinto College South Campus Hispanic Heritage committee learned not only these facts but so much more about Hispanics in the United States.

Dr. Luis Salinas, the luncheon’s main speaker, is a senior member of the Sociology Department at Houston Community College. He earned his Ph. D. in Sociology from the University of Arizona. Dr. Salinas’s presentation informed a record breaking crowd (90+) about Hispanics and their demographics.  He educated the crowd on how the word Hispanic was created by the U.S. government and how the term has been used in the United States Census since 1980. He shared information on who is included in the term Hispanics, their make-up, how they came to the United States, their race, their educational level of attainment, service in the armed forces, and labor force. Those in attendance also had the opportunity to ask Dr. Salinas questions. He graciously answered all of the questions asked in a thoughtful and thorough manner that all appreciated.

Those in attendance also had the chance of winning some swag bags provided by the San Jacinto College South Campus student engagement office.  Everyone enjoyed the wonderful cuisine provided by the San Jacinto College North Campus Culinary Department under the supervision of Chef Timothy Banks.  Homemade chips and salsa, flavorful tamales and flautas, mouthwatering pork quesadillas, and melt in your mouth churros for dessert were quickly consumed by all. The food was so delicious that there were no left overs.

The San Jacinto College Hispanic Committee at the South Campus is comprised of Tonja Conerly, Dr. Katy Rudisill, B.K. Silva, Elizabeth McKinley, Phil Martin, Cristina Cárdenas and Daniel Byars. The committee wishes to express their deep gratitude for the support they received, which made the event such a great success, from the faculty and administration in particular Dr. Brenda Jones, Mr. Joseph Hebert, Mr. Jahmal Clemmons and Ms. Angie Sprowl.