Excellence Awards and Minnie Piper Award

Good afternoon.

It is time to nominate our outstanding faculty, staff, and administrators for the Excellence Awards and the Minnie Piper Award (faculty).  There will be a total of seven recipients for the Excellence Awards: three faculty (academic and technical), three staff, and one administrator district-wide.  Dr. Michelle Selk will be leading the coordination of the process and the work of the selection committee.  Mr. James Jones will manage the technical aspects of the process.  The deadline for nominations is Monday, 19 September.

The criteria/categories to be addressed in the nomination(s) are as follows and should address the last two years of a person’s work and service:
•     Dedication, service, and involvement in the college community
•     Ability to serve as a role model and work collaboratively with others
•     Contributions to addressing or meeting the needs of our students and/or our employees
•     Exemplary attributes or qualifications for the selection committee to consider

All winners will be recognized at a meeting of the Board of Trustees and may attend the League for Innovation spring 2017 conference. The Minnie Piper nominee will be recognized at college commencement ceremonies.

The process for selection is through a committee comprised of one faculty member (including department chairs) and one staff member selected from each campus, plus one member from the district offices, for a total of ten members. The committee will evaluate/score all Excellence Awards nominations (faculty, staff, and administration),  as well as participate in a separate Minnie Piper ranking/voting.  Self-nominations will not be considered, and an employee may only receive an award once every 5 years.  Each evaluator will be sent a separate form to complete for each nominee. This will be handled online—no paper voting will take place. A separate voting process will then follow for Minnie Piper (also electronic).  For all awards the highest and lowest scores will be dropped for each nominee before a final score is tallied.  Additionally, for the faculty award, evaluators will be asked to rank their nominees for the Minnie Piper Award.  The official Minnie Piper nominee will be the faculty member who received the top calculated score and the top ranking score.  Should there be a discrepancy between these two scores, Dr. Laurel Williamson and/or Dr. Brenda Hellyer will make the final decision.

We have a great deal of exemplary work going on at San Jacinto College, so if you know of someone who should be nominated for an Excellence Award, please click the link below and complete the nomination form. You may want to type your response(s) into a Word document first and then use the link as you will be limited to 3000 characters for each item listed above.


Thank you.