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San Jacinto College is partnering with the City of Houston to inform our students and staff about an airbag recall. More than 60 million vehicle are under recall due to a dangerous defect that causes the device that inflates the airbag to explode and spray shrapnel toward the head and neck of the vehicle’s occupants. The latest death, unfortunately, occurred just outside of Houston.

Older vehicles, and those in hot and humid climates, are more likely to have airbags that deploy explosively, making Houston one of the country’s most at-risk populations. Both U.S. and foreign manufacturers, such as Honda, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota and Nissan, among others, have been affected by the recall which includes airbags on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides.

Auto manufacturers are responsible for replacing defective airbags, free of charge, at authorized dealerships – even if you didn’t buy your vehicle from a dealership. Free replacements can be scheduled by contacting your car maker’s local dealership. The replacement is a routine procedure that typically takes roughly 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Dealers are often able to assist in making the repair convenient by offering rental or loaner cars, shuttle service, towing or expedited repair completion while you wait.

Visit and click the SAFERCAR button to look up your vehicle identification number, or VIN, and learn if your car has a defective airbag. If affected, call your car maker’s dealership to schedule an appointment to have the defective airbag replaced, free of charge.

Please help us spread the word throughout your community and share this link with family and friends – . Don’t wait- check it now, before you get into your car again this summer!

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