It’s hot outside but you knew that already…

Heat Safety

It’s hot outside (but you knew that already!). Hot and humid weather is expected to continue this week, with increasing concerns for elevated temperatures that could lead to heat illness. A Heat Advisory is in effect for the entire Southeast Texas region through Tuesday evening. Please use extreme caution if you are out and about.

From the National Weather Service:

Overview: Southeast Texas will remain in a favorable pattern for hot and humid weather over the next several days, with afternoon high temperatures climbing into the upper 80s to low 90s along the coast and mid to upper 90s inland. This coupled with abundant low level moisture will result in heat index values rising into the 105 to 110 range. Additionally, breezy winds and overnight cloud cover will result in very warm overnight temperatures (lows around 80 degrees, almost 5 degrees above normal for inland locations this time of year).
The combination of high heat index values during the day and very warm overnight temperatures over several days will allow individuals who receive prolonged exposure to these conditions to overheat, as they inhibit the body’s ability to properly cool itself. Given the increased exposure people may have to heat as a result of the July 4th holiday and the forecast high/low temperatures over the next few days, we want to advertise the increased risk for health issues from this prolonged period of heat and have issued a Heat Advisory for midday Monday through Tuesday evening.
Threats/Timing/Locations: All of the region will be at risk for elevated temperatures leading to heat illness over the next few days. A Heat Advisory is in effect for Monday into Tuesday, and this may need to be extended in time.
Impacts: Elevated temperatures will result in an increased risk for heat illness, especially in sensitive populations like children, the elderly, and the homeless.