Upward Bound Math & Science Academy National College Signing Day

UBMS TRIO College Signing Day - April 26, 2015

(Pictured left to right) Victoria Cancel, Iselle Garcia, Adriana Morales, Elizabeth Tenorio, Susan Gutierrez, Jakob Creed, Lesly Cruz, Rhonda Bell, Dean of Health & Natural Sciences, Ariel Ledet.

April 26th, 2016 marked the Third Annual National College Signing Day – High school students across the United States joined First Lady Michelle Obama in gathering to make their final college selections.

Over 600 College Signing Day events were held across the country by communities, schools, and students. The Upward Bound Math & Science Academy is one organization committed to helping students to achieve their highest potential, not just academically but comprehensively through training, support, and encouraging its students to commit to colleges and continued education.

Director of The Upward Bound Math & Science Academy, Jacqueline D. Howard shared, “This year our graduates have accomplished so much.  We have at least 60% of our graduates that have received 100% scholarship funding for their education. We have Dell Scholars and for the first time in UBMS history we have a scholar that received the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship.“

Dean of Health & Natural Sciences (as pictured) also stated “It was a joy to watch the students and their parents celebrate this great accomplishment.”

This day marks one for the books and is sure to be a staple for The Upward Bound Math & Science Academy. Each year the program will join in the efforts of encouraging high school students to pursue higher education and what better way to do that, than to celebrate them nationally. It’s safe to say not only will these students complete their high school course of studies, but they are College Bound!