We captured the trophy!

Did you know that San Jacinto College received an award (a very big trophy) for Best Decorated Float at the Pasadena Strawberry Festival Parade on May 14, 2016?

Hollie Fulsom, Maurcio Cortez and the maintenance team all pitched in to build a float that illustrated the parade’s theme, Hunting Strawberries. (No worries, no strawberries were hurt during the parade.)

Prior to the parade, they spent the entire week creating a giant strawberry with a “camo look,” lined the sides with smaller wooden strawberries and asked float riders to wear camo bandanas. The San Jac volleyball team also joined in the fun and wore camo jerseys.

“This is our first award in the three years we’ve participated in local parades,” said Fulsom. “We started creating theme-specific floats last year so this is a great award for all the hard work that goes into it.”

Let’s congratulate our parade team on their success as they continue to represent the San Jac community on local parade routes!