San Jac faculty and staff attend 2016 TABPHE conference

San Jacinto College faculty and staff attended the Texas Association of Black Personnel Higher Education’s (TABPHE) 43rd Annual State Conference in Ft. Worth, March 3-5, 2016. This year, 18 San Jacinto staff members attended the conference. During this time, San Jac was well-represented. Dean Joseph Hebert ended his tenure as TABPHE State President. After serving as the Vice President of Membership (2012-2014) and on the TABPHE State Board of Directors (2014-2016), Professor Ralph Penn continues to serve in the role of a Fellows mentor. Mr. Ron Hopkins and Mr. Brad Treywick conducted a mentoring presentation which highlighted the Men of Honor program. Mrs. Lauren Parish-Williams serves as a TABPHE Fellow. Dr. DeRhonda McWaine will continue to serve as the Chair of the TABPHE Scholarship Committee. Dr. Lamar McWaine will continue to serve as the TABPHE Historian and Co-Chair of the TABPHE Fellows Committee. Dr. DeRhonda McWaine, Dr. Lamar McWaine, Dr. Alexander Okwonna, Dr. Brenda Jones, and Professor Ralph Penn remain actively involved as TABPHE Life Members. Dr. Alexander Okwonna was elected to the TABPHE State Board of Directors.

TABPHE will host its 2018 conference in Houston, which Dr. Lamar McWaine and Dr. Alexander Okwonna have been asked to chair.