Read Across Campus a huge success

North Campus Provost Dr. Bill Raffetto spearheaded the recent Read Across Campus in conjunction with the National Education Association’s Read Across America initiative.

Approximately 1,200 “leisure” reading books were donated by San Jacinto College faculty and staff for the Read Across Campus project, which enabled San Jacinto College students to drop by and pick up books for free.

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Read Across Campus

The following are paraphrased excerpts from  Dr. Raffetto’s letter of appreciation, sent out the day after the event:

“I am overwhelmed and impressed at the generosity and sense of teamwork many of you displayed in helping with Read Across Campus. For the record, we gave away an estimated 1,200 books to our students. In addition to our traditional students, we had students for the Galena Park Early College High School participate. The kids from the children’s center marched over in single file to get their books. When they arrived, one little girl, who has obvious leadership potential, shouted loudly, “We’re here!”
I thought I would share a few other quotes I heard during the event:
From a male student about 19 years old:                 “Hey, my Dad likes this Clancy guy. I will take one of these.”
From 4 female medical assistant students:              “Sir, this is so nice for the faculty and staff to give us their books. Will you thank them for us?”
From a 4-year-old boy:                                   “Mister, can I have the football book?”
From a female 20-year-old student:                          “This is like a free Barnes and Nobles.”  

Because of you, Read Across Campus exceeded our wildest expectations. I am tempted to name some people to thank publicly. But, I am afraid I will leave some deserving person off the list. Therefore:
If you donated books:                                                                                Thank you.
If you organized the books by genre:                                                      Thank you.
If you helped transport the books from my office to the event:       Thank you.
If you help man the tables:                                                                        Thank you.
If you encouraged your students to come to the event:                    Thank you.
If you took photographs at the tables:                                                   Thank you.
If you assisted in sending student emails about the program:           Thank you.
Finally, let’s keep encouraging our students to become lifelong readers. We have had many people ask us to repeat the event next year. Start saving your books. I sincerely hope it becomes a campus tradition. One other point: My little 4-year-old buddy not only got his football book but also one of my personal favorites, Thomas the Train.

Thanks again.”