Engineering Brunch N’ Learn at Clear Brook High School

The San Jacinto College engineering program was recent;y invited to a Brunch n’ Learn at Clear Brook High School, organized and hosted by Alexis Alexander, San Jacinto College shared educational planner. Participants included:

  • Andrew Vines – Department Chair, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, and Physics at San Jacinto College-South Campus
  • Dr. Karen Duston – Geology Professor, San Jacinto College
  • Joy Ogunnubi –  Civil Engineer at Harris County Engineering Department

Students from all grades were invited to get insight into the engineering field, learn what it takes to be successful in the field, and learn what they can do as a high school student to be better prepared for an engineering career. The students had a very engaging Q & A session with the guests and received a lot of great feedback on how they can start on their track into engineering.