Honors public speaking class visits Rice University

Rice Feb 2016 SPCH 1315 Honors Dr. WaultersOn Feb. 4, 2016 students from Cristina Doda Cárdenas’ SPCH 1315 Public Speaking Honors course  visited Rice University’s Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality to listen to a lecture by Dr. Suzanna Danuta Walters, Professor of Sociology & Director of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Northeastern University.  Dr. Walters spoke during the Graduate Colloquium about ‘“What’s wrong with tolerance? And how could it possibly undermine real gay equality?  In this talk Walters considers how the pseudo-science of “born this way” can combine with demands for marriage equality and a place in the military to create a “trap.” Pictured left to right:  Audrey Lange, Dr. Suzanne Danuta Walters, Cristina Doda Cárdenas and Steve Sahagian