Informative Central Campus Symposium set for March 2 and 3

The Central Campus Symposium will be held March 2, and March 3 in various locations at the Central Campus. The symposium will feature informative presentations by faculty and staff members. All presentations are free and open to the public.

For a complete list of subjects, presenters, locations, dates, and times, please visit

Scheduled presentations include:

“The Dangers of a Single Story in an Increasingly Diverse Population – Rooting out Ingnorance and False Perceptions Through Education” by Dr. Judith Maima;

“The Tropes of Beowulf as Revealed by Aristotle, Tolkien, and Deep Case Roles” by Professor John Thornburg;

“Reading of Peer-Reviewed Works” by an English Faculty Writing Group;

“African-American Leaders and Innovators in Library Science” by Tracy Timmons

“Eradication of Human Disease by Sequencing Genomes and Designing Drugs using Bioinformatic Methods” Dr. Kal Renganathan Sharma PE;

“Serigraphy Demonstration (Screen Printing)” by Professor Mark Meyers;

“In Crisis & Disaster – Community Resilience Begins with You” by Jerusha Kasch and Professor Angelina Cavallo;

“Pay It Forward: Service Learning” by Professor Debra Clark;

“Human Trafficking Roundtable Discussion” by a Faculty Writing Group;

“Mike Rose’s Lives on the Boundary: A Moving Account of the Struggles and Achievements of America’s Educationally Underprepared” roundtable discussion by English professors Julie Groesch, Katherine Ryan, Diana Wolfe, and Aaron Love;

“Ancient Art, Modern Twist: The Power of Public Speaking in the Modern World” by Dr. Michelle Selk, Professor Regina Julian, Dr. Shera Carer, and Professor Julie Williams;

“The NFL Concussion Crisis” by Professor Cindra Daniels;