Human Resources Announcement- Cornerstone OnDemand software

Hello San Jacinto College Community!

We want to let you know about something new coming your way throughout 2016.

As you know, in today’s digital age, technology is constantly changing and we must be flexible and open to new innovative opportunities.  From a software perspective, Human Resources has been operating several functions using different software systems (SOAR, Banner, SuccessFactors).  None of the current software has a complete solution that integrates well with Banner and provides support from a single vendor.

Having gone through Banner Revitalization, we began looking at ways to better simplify our processes and make access points and systems easier for employees.  We are always committed to using best practices and solutions in technology that align with and support the College’s strategic goals.   A full talent management suite that integrates with Banner is the solution to help integrate current and future functions needed to serve both employees and the College.  With the integrated suite, we will also see a significant cost savings as opposed to having multiple software vendors.

We have licensed the Cornerstone OnDemand software, which is also known as the Ellucian Talent Management Suite.  Over the next few months, we will be implementing several modules, which all work together seamlessly, as well as integrate directly to the HR module within Banner.  The Cornerstone modules will replace PeopleAdmin (SOAR) and SuccessFactors (Performance Management and SPARK Learning).

Cornerstone modules that will be implemented in 2016 are:

·         Recruiting
·         Onboarding
·         Learning
·         Performance Management

Implementation of these modules will allow us to engage new employees earlier in the hiring process by providing information with the capability of online form completion within the system.  Reporting and analytics will be simplified and cross-platform.  In addition, we will implement single sign-on, so that signing in to the system will be easier.  Timelines will be coming soon, however, one key timeline event to note is that Performance Management will launch in the new system for 2016-2017.  The 2015-2016 performance cycle will complete within SuccessFactors.

Implementations are underway for Recruiting, Onboarding, and Learning and implementation of Performance Management begins in the first quarter of this year.  The new system is branded the San Jacinto College Talent Gateway:  Your Cornerstonefor Success and it will commonly be known as “Cornerstone.”

Updates will be provided throughout the semester as more details become available.  As each module goes “live,” HR will provide additional communications, including training opportunities and resources for utilizing the new system.

If you have any questions, please send them to