Marketing Department Changes

San Jacinto College has grown significantly in the last ten years.  Over those ten years, the marketing department completed a reduction in force twice and has been constantly repurposing positions  to address changes in how marketing is done as well as meeting the needs of our growing college.  In addition to College growth, the responsibilities of the marketing, public relations, and government affairs office has also grown.  We are at a place where we need to again restructure and realign department personnel and we also added back a few positions in key targeted areas.

Below is a high-level summary of the changes within the marketing department:

Digital Marketing:

Welcome Joshua Banks, director of digital marketing!

Welcome Joshua Banks, director of digital marketing!

Digital Marketing is now how most marketing is completed with social media as a key tactic in the marketing mix. In addition, the San Jacinto College website has become a key entryway into the College for our students. Keeping up with all the content on the approximate 9,000 pages of our website is more than one person can handle.  Therefore, we have hired a Director of Digital Marketing, Joshua Banks, who will lead the digital marketing team.  The team will include the current website content manager, Linda Harrison, the Social Media Coordinator, Jahmal Clemmons, and a web / graphic designer position which will be filled later this spring.  The web / graphic designer position will primarily work in Publications Builder as 30 percent of our website content comes from the Publications Builder.




Campus Departmental Marketing:

Welcome Mary Hind, marketing project coordinator!

Welcome Mary Hind, marketing project coordinator!

As faculty are asked to market their departments, we have seen an increase in requests to the marketing office for assistance.  Janet Cowey is now the Director of Marketing and the main focus of her job will be to assist department requests for marketing plans on how to increase enrollment in that department.  Please know that the marketing budget has not increased so Janet will work with departments on tactics the department can do and also make recommendations where the marketing department can partner.  In order for Janet to do this, Mary Hind has been hired to serve as the Marketing Project Coordinator to ensure that all projects move forward on the defined timelines. The Graphic Designers, Josh Wilson and Nancy VanHandel, will now report to Janet.




Other Changes:

Amanda Fenwick’s title has changed to Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations.  She is taking on a greater role within the department as I am spending more of my time externally working with local, state, and federal elected officials on issues that impact the college. The communications staff, Jeannie Peng-Armao, Andrea Vasquez, and Rob Vanya, will to report to Amanda as will the Event Planner, Hollie Fulsom, as well as the two directors mentioned above.

Dana Cragin will continue to serve as the Sr. Executive Assistant. Since the Marketing Office space has not increased, the office is going through a remodel to create space for new employees.  Therefore, we will be temporarily housed in a different location at the District Offices.  We will be in A1.114 for four-five weeks beginning Thursday, January 14, 2016.

Please feel free to contact us with your marketing needs.