A daughter’s gift

Officers with the San Jacinto College police department report to work every day aware of their roles as first responders to a variety of situations, including that of saving lives. For Officer Shannon Groves, saving another life hit home when her father was diagnosed with end stage renal disease.

When the family found out that 66-year-old Offie Land had been diagnosed with renal failure in 2014, their treatment options were slim. He went from having surgery to dialysis at home for seven to nine hours each day. He was placed on a donor list for a kidney.

“We saw how he was deteriorating,” said Groves. “He used to travel to many places, and now he was confined to his home. We asked him if we could check on if we could be donors.”

Naturally, Land was reluctant for his own children to donate a kidney. However, they persisted and began screening as potential donors. Groves found out that her kidney was a match for her father.

“It was a bittersweet moment for him because he needed a kidney but he did not want it from his child,” said Groves. On June 17, 2015, both daughter and father went into surgery for the removal of one of her kidneys and for the replacement of his kidney.

It was a success.

“He was supposed to be in ICU for three days, but was there for two,” said Groves. Land was released from the hospital on Fathers Day 2015. After small adjustments with his required medication, Land’s body began responding well to his new kidney. Groves said there was never any second guessing about the decision.

“He gave me life and took care of me so there was no second guessing about doing this,” said Groves. “I trusted in the doctors, and I trusted God. It was easier than I thought.”

Land is able to pick up where life left off following his diagnosis. Thanks to his daughter, he is now planning for the family’s seventh annual cruise trip.