We’ll miss you, Professor Robles.

A Celebration of Life ceremony was held on November 18, 2015  in honor of Professor Jose Antonio Robles-Rosario, who passed away on November 10, 2015.

Professor Robles-Rosario worked as an adjunct professor from 2006 until 2010. In 2010, he became a full-time professor for the modern languages department at the San Jacinto College Central Campus. The following is a tribute written by his colleagues.

Professor Jose Antonio Robles-Rosario was born on February 8, 1964 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He passed away unexpectedly on November 10, 2015 in Pasadena, Texas.

In 1996, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in modern languages from the University of Puerto Rico. He then earned a master’s degree in bilingual education from the University of Houston in 2004.

Mr. Robles came to San Jacinto College in 2006 as an adjunct professor and quickly made a name for himself. In May 2010, he joined the language arts team as a full-time professor. During his 30 minute interview, he showed enthusiasm, humbleness, and a willingness to come together. Mr. Robles showed that his biggest passion was to teach. Using poster boards and charismatic personality, he showed the faculty his methodology on teaching. His main message to the faculty was on how to encourage students to learn Spanish in his unique way.

As a colleague, he showed an admirable side of himself. He was respectful, humble, and sincere. His character proved that he was the best choice as our new Spanish instructor. In the classroom he was loved and respected by his students because of his enthusiasm, energy, and the personable way he taught.

He used music, dancing, modeling, and public speaking to lecture his students on a subject matter. He also encouraged his students to convey what they were taught in class and use it outside of the classroom.

He took time out of his day to personally nurture and tutor his students. Not only did his students love and respect him, but other students from Mrs. Cooper’s and Mrs. Urbina-Horning’s classes had a great appreciation for Mr. Robles as well.

Mr. Robles was truly a charismatic, energetic, caring, and easy-going professor. With a simple smile, he was able to encourage not only his students but the whole language department to participate in all of the festivities. He worked diligently for El Dia de Los Muertos, Coffee Day, and the Latin American Festival.

As a faculty member, a colleague and a professor, he was liked and supported by all of us. We truly and sincerely will miss Professor Robles here at San Jacinto College. His presence will be missed in his classroom, the language arts lab, and every corner of the campus. He leaves behind a legacy that will linger in the minds and hearts of every life that he touched.

The impact of his influence on students and faculty members will live on, and he will be remembered as a phenomenal instructor who loved his career and as someone who helped to make a difference in each of his peer’s lives. We at San Jacinto College will always love you Jose Antonio Robles until time is no more. Mil Gracias!