San Jacinto College combined photo/proximity card

San Jacinto College will introduce a combined photo/proximity card to minimize the number of cards carried by employees and to improve security processes.

This new system will verify that each proximity card issued belongs to the cardholder, as the old cards do not contain cardholder photos. Some cardholders may have more recent serialized photo IDs with numbers beginning with a single zero. These cards will require replacement. Your new photo ID card should possess a serial number beginning with two zeros. Please see the image below.

This new card will serve as the official College-issued ID card, per College Policy V-K. Those individuals who have no need for electronic access may keep their current ID cards.  Only proximity / electronic access cards are being changed.

To obtain the new photo/proximity card, please visit your nearest campus Enrollment Services office. The cost for blank photo/proximity cards will be carried by the Facilities Services department. Loss of a photo/proximity card can be managed by notifying the Facilities Services department, whereby the card will be deactivated. Care must be taken to protect the card issued to employees, as these are College property and integral to the security of our students, facilities, and personnel.

For employees who already have a new photo ID card, updating it as a photo/proximity card is easy. Email and request a transfer of old proximity card information to the new photo/proximity one-card system. Please provide your full name, G number, serial number of the old proximity card, and the serial number of your new photo ID card. You will not need to submit a new access request form. However, if you wish to change your security access privileges, please submit a completed access control form, per the College Procedure 3-16: Keys and Proximity Cards.

Please send your old proximity card by interoffice mail to Facilities Services – Access Control, C34.201, for proper disposal.

For questions, email