Students learn about communications career opportunities

The South Campus communications department, led by department chair, Kim DeLauro, showcased the different career opportunities for students interested in any of the communications fields. The keynote speaker for the Communications Career Day was Mr. John Streeter, Producer/Director, and Scriptwriter/Editor for DB Consulting Group Inc.  Mr. Streeter addressed a group of over 60 students.  During his presentation he showed students the various mediums he works with in which he uses his writing, editing, artistic, awareness of the audience, translation and interviewing skills.  Students were able to view NASA footage and learn about the creation process for various videos created to advertise the Orion project for NASA.  Students were also able to speak one on one with Mr. Streeter at the end of his presentation.

After listening to Mr. Streeter, everyone was invited to visit Building 6 where they could find English, Speech and Foreign Language faculty manning various tables.  Students learned tips on how to win an argument, different class offerings for the Summer and Fall 2015 semesters, perused through communications books that everyone should have in their personal library, learned catch phrases in French and Spanish, and learned tips on how to present various speeches. The communications faculty also decorated the second floor of Building 9 with many lines of poetry and powerful quotations.  The quotations were arranged in the style of flowers, hearts, and actual words.  Last but not least, the communications department would like to thank Ms. Tobi McGee, our newly hired assistant for all of her help in coordinating the event!